Right From Wrong

Kelly Lehane


"Money ran out and we were slowly starving to death. There was no other way to put it. I kept telling myself if I could only hold out til may" (Collins 28). In the book, The Hunger Games, Katniss notices something very strange about her community. In the book, The Giver, Jonas sees something wrong with his utopian society. It says in the text, "He killed it, He killed it" (Lowery 206). When individuals realize something is wrong and start to rebel, the utopian society no longer exists.

When an individual rebels on others, it changes everything from good to bad situations.

First off, In the book, The Giver, Jonas notices that something bad is going to happen to a family member. It says in the text that, "We obviously had to make the descion. Even I voted for Gabriel's release when we had the meeting this afternoon" (lowery 206). It also says, "It was necessary because it had the child seat attached to the back. And he had taken Gaberiel, too" (Lowery 208). This is explaining how Jonas new about his little brothers realese. Therefor, Jonas decides to take Gabriel with him and rebel on others while going on their journey away from everyone in the utopian society. They rebelled by discovering new and not sameness as Jonas's society had. Jonas also rebelled on his parents because he knew what a "release" actually meant and he wasn't going to give up one of his family member. Jonas would not be happy if Gabriel died by force by his own dad. He rebelled by breaking the rules by the society and the parents.


Body Paragraph 2 and Conclusion

When an individual notice something that is wrong in their community, the individual tries to help the citizen of the society.

For instance, in the book The Hunger Games, Katniss knows that her community is falling apart and will no longer be a utopian society. It will be a dystopian society. The evidence founded says, "But at least two families will pull their shutters, lock their doors, and try to figure out how they will survive the painful weeks to come" (Collins 11). This is explaining how the utopian society is falling apart by people trying to survive and that it will be painful. Katniss tries to help because she puts her life in danger for everyone else. She does this to help the people and goes into the districts to fight against one another.


The two individuals see that something is terribly wrong, they help and rebel on others either citizens in the community or the individuals who are in charge. What can an individual do to their community to save it or to change it?