Absalon 18/11-2015

Blind Fool Ness

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Blind Fool Ness - live music, movement and interactive video!

Creating a painting of life on stage using a colorful combination of video ,live music and movement !

Entry Kr. 50,-

Portraying a poetic celebration of life ; Death ,love and despair by means of music ,song, stylized movement and visual effects.

Showing the journey of a singer , her world of dreams and reality, moving from one to the other and walking on the fine borderline between illusion and reality.

We mean to show that sometimes one has to be blind or a fool or a dreamer in order to see the way forward in our world of rationalism and materialism.

To dare to dream and hope to fulfill oneself.

The songs performed by Agnieszka Czajkowska
accompanied by an illusionary character played by Doron Aviman .

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The Music and Entertainment

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DJs and Live Acts

We bow and thank you for your time and choice of tunes. Someone said "music is the soundtrack to life", you make life worth listening to.

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Any Questions?????

Please if you have any questions regarding your participation in this Event such as:

- Equipment needed

- Time for performance

- etc.

please direct your questions to:

Kevin K. Yuven




Please RSVP ASAP so we can take better care of you in anyway needed.

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