Endangered Species project

Zachary Schultz

The Sumatran Rhino/Dicerorhinus sumatrensis

Average Height: 3.3-5 feet

Average Weight: 1,320-2,090 pounds

Average Length: 6.5-13 feet

They live in Borneo and Sumatra

Mostly in Forests.

Population: Fewer then 100

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Threats to Sumatran Rhinos

Illegal Wildlife Trading.

Poaching. (hunters steal their horns)

Habitat Loss

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What are the Preservation Plans for Sumatran Rhinos

An Organization known as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Has found that the largest Population of these Rhinos are on the island of Borneo. WWF works with local organizations and farmers to stop the conversion of forests to Oil palms and to stop removal of the trees in the forest. WWF also monitors the Rhino population to avoid poaching.

What I think should be done

I think that it is terrible that there are less then 100 Sumatran Rhinos in the Entire world. since their are 12.79 million people alone in Pennsylvania. I think that people should take more care of Endangered species so they don't disappear for ever. What i believe needs to be done is More people take interest in saving the species. And making sure nothing happens to the ones remaining
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