Demo of Skills Summative -

Zainab Kidwai - Medical Secretary @Terry Fox Medical Clinic


January 5th

Time of Demo: 1:30pm

Description of Activity: How to Search Patients using Oscar Med Database

I will be teaching you how to search patients using the computer database. I will guiding you through briefly through the database and show you how to locate some of the patient's information, forms, documents, etc. A highly essential skill involved in this task is computer usage and being able to enter patient information properly onto a computer.


I chose this activity as it is a main task of a medical secretary. Being able to search up patient records enables staff to do other tasks on those records such as book appointments and updating patients on the system. Doctors also play a part in this duty as they have to know how to use the databases in order to record information about the patients either by paper or online when they come for appointments and checkups.
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Details of Activity: How to Search Patients using Oscar Med Database

  1. Get folder with reports. It can be "call in," "patient informed," or "left messages."
  2. Open Firefox browser that says Oscar on windows home
  3. Supervisor logs in
  4. Click "Search" tab on top left corner of page.
  5. Search patient name according to first letters of last name comma first name. Normally first three letters. For example, the full name
  6. If name is not showing up, go to drop down box on left and click "Health Insurance Number and type the number down from the report.
  7. Once you searched them up click their name and on the left side click documents.
  8. This gives you a list of reports/forms of the patient.
  9. To find the report, see the title of the report then find the document. For instance, if the report is titled Dynacare find the document that has the same or similar title. This will give you the exact report online after which you confirm the details to see if the report in front of you matches the report online. If so, then shred the document.
  10. If the report is not on the system then it has to be scanned.

Description of Activity 2: How to Call Patients Regarding Appointments Reports

I will be showing you how to call patients and if necessary directing the call to appropriate staff. Two essential skills that are required are oral communication and being able to find information or read text on a patient's report to answer any of the their questions.

Rationale 2:

I chose this activity as calling patients is important to make them aware that their reports have been received. Calling them in advance gives the patient some time to come and discuss the report with the doctor at their convenience. It is important that when a patient's report has come from the lab that the patient is informed immediately in case it is an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

Details of Activity 2: How to Call Patients about their appointments and reports

  1. FIrst, get the "call in" folder.
  2. Then, open the Oscar med site and log in.
  3. Then, click the ''search'' on the top left corner, type in the patient last, first name to search them up.
  4. Use health insurance number if necessary.
  5. Then, click his/her name and scroll down.
  6. Next, scroll down to the recent date.
  7. After this, find the patients number. It will be somewhere in the report usually on the top left.
  8. Then, on the telephone click clinic 1 and dial the number.
  9. After they pick up, you say, "Hi, how are you? I am calling from Terry Fox Medical Clinic regarding your "title" report. Whenever you are available you can come at any time."
  10. If they ask when the clinic is open, respond by saying what the business hours of the clinic are. If they want to know what doctor is in on a specific day, tell the patient to please hold on. After which, you click the red button on the right.
  11. Then, you can inform your supervisor or any co-worker and they will tell you when or you they will pick the call from their end.
  12. After they are informed make sure to update it on the system and type in, "patient informed November 26th regarding their "title" report.
  13. Next, click save on the bottom and repeat process for further calls for patients.
  14. You also have to write on the report "patient informed."

Description of Activity 3: How to Book Appointments for Patients

In this activity, I will be showing you how to book appointments and when a patient comes in for walk in how to book an appointment for them on the spot.
This requires a few essential skills such as computer use, organization, and scheduling. This contains multiple steps that ensure the patient's appointment is booked at the correct timing according to both the doctor's and patients convenience.

Rational 3:

This tasks ensures that the appointment is scheduled at the convenience of the patient as well as the availability of the doctor. One small mistake can set the appointment at a different date and upset the patient. Having appointments all set in schedule helps the clinic function in a timely manner so everyone knows which patient is next and so on. This helps everyone stay on task and helps doctors manage their time.

Details of Activity 3: How to Book Appointments for Patients

  1. Either when the patient calls you or you call the patient they may ask for an appointment.
  2. First, log in onto computer database.
  3. Go to the top right corner and click drop down box. This includes all the doctors working in the clinic.
  4. According to what doctor the patient wants to see, you go to click their doctor. For example, a patient wants to see Dr. Beshay, then you go and click that doctors name.
  5. After that, depending on which day the doctor is available, for instance Monday, you click the tab, "calender" located in the top right corner below "search."
  6. Then, you find and click an available date and time slot under the doctor's and patient's convenience and then tell the patient the time and date of appointment. Appointment does not have be on the day itself; it can be in later.
  7. Once you click a time, a window should open about the details of appointment.
  8. First, you go type the patients last name, first name.
  9. Then, depending on the duration of the patients appointment, usually it's ten minutes.
  10. Last step, is to click ''save" and confirm and notify the patient of the time and date of appointment.

Description of Activty 4: How to file scanned patient reports under their doctors folders:

I will be showing you how to scan patient reports and file them according to the patient's doctor. A highly essential skill involved is reading. Being able to find and read the doctor's name on a report is important since you don't want to misunderstand and put a patient's report into another doctor's file as it will cause delay for the report to be read in time.

Rationale 4:

Making sure that the scanned reports are in the appropriate folders for the doctors is important as it saves the valuable time of the doctors when they need to quickly review the patients file. After this, the patients are called according to the urgency of the report. If one of the patients has to come in for an important vaccination or the doctor wants to discuss the blood work results posthaste, then those patients have to come in as soon as possible to discuss the reports.

Details of Activty 4: How to file scanned patient reports under their doctors folders:

  1. Get the folder which is kept in the reception desk on a layered shelf which is under the name "scan done(orange folder)." This folder contains patient reports.
  2. Then, retrieve the doctor folders also located in the same place.
  3. Next, find the report in the "scan done'' folder and find the doctor's name.
  4. After this, take the doctor's name and put it in the appropriate folder under his/her name. For example, on the patient reports one of the doctor's name is listed as Dr. Ali. Find the folder with her name and put it in her folder.

Required Materials:

In most of the activities these following items are essential:

  • patient reports
  • computer
  • pen
  • stapler
  • doctor files necessary when filing patient reports under their doctor's folders

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: None

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