Organ Transplant.

Rebecca ann Ingarra.

What is an organ transplant?

Doctors Put The O In Organ Transplant.

The sun was setting and I was cooking, Nevaeh was in the bath. I remember when I turned around, I dropped the plate, startled from her yelling. I sighed and walked into the bathroom, I look at her as her cries fill the bathroom, a rush of fear overcome me, I grab her by the arm and pull her out, I swing my arm behind me and grab my phone, calling the hospital, knowing her history of organ failures.


An organ transplant and organ problems is where you have a failing organ. While organ failures can be deadly, after receiving an organ transplant things can get better! Sadly, theres a very big process you have to go through step by step. Doctors

have to tell everyone the percent of getting a donor. You cannot just take someone’s organ and use it. You need to have the same blood type, you need to have the right organ. Sometimes you need a dead donor, maybe someone died and still has a good organ, you are able to use it. Many people can be affected with this. Not only that one person but the whole family and or friends! But! Family members can be donors as well.

As long as your blood type is the same. Sometimes needing an organ is not always because you have an illness it might be because you were in an accident.

Has Doctors made any mistakes?

Having another organ placed into your body is scary, you worry if you’ll get better, you’ll worry if they mess up. Well, they can, some doctors in the past have messed up and really it’s just a small error, but sometimes a small error can cause a whole lot of damage. Like normal people, doctors mess up and its alright. Of course doctors do not like to confess to making a mistake, but they have to. Also if a doctor does mess up by either putting another organ that doesn’t match your blood type in you, or you end up getting an unhealthy organ. There are many things you can do to keep that from happening or if

anything does go wrong you can always sue them. Its very rare for a doctor to mess up, but like everyone in the world we aren’t perfect.

Doctors to this day are still working hard to fix it all, they keep upgrading and making loads of progress.

How did organ transplantion change throughout the decade?

As we know, everyone is getting new Iphones and new computers. Technology has not only just changed for our pleasure and amusement. Technology has changed for the hospitals, surgeons, doctors. Research has shown the overall growth of progress.

Organ transplantation has been around for many many years.

Their tools, their ways, everything! On 1954 December 23rd the very first living kidney transplantation! This was led by Dr. Joseph Murray.

1981 First successful heart/lung transplant led by Dr. Brice Reitz.

1986 First successful double-lung transplant led by Dr. Joel Cooper.

2010 The Worlds First Full Face Transplant, took place in spain!!

Progress over and over and to this day organ transplantation is changing!

But that doesn’t mean that theres still some fears and risks. No matter what, there will be some fears and a little bit of risks.

Fears and risks!

Some people are afraid of doctors not doing their job correctly, they are scared of not waking up and dying in the middle of the surgery. They are scared that the organ might not be healthy or they might get sick after it. Theres a lot of fears and the risks are a lot like,

Losing a lot of blood.

Wrong Organ.

Body shutting down.

Immune system not accepting it.

Getting Sick.

Not getting any better.


Not having the money for after care and the pills.

Doctors messing up.

Ect, Ect, Ect.

Doctors will do everything in their power to try and save you or get you better. In fact its even their job! You won't get sick unless you are around other people, your immune system will accept the organ unless its not weakened.

This is mostly about the process, step by step process.

The very thing is, having a donor, getting the donor, and after care.

We talked about how things could be very, very scary. Even terrifying!

When people need an organ transplant, they often feel lost or even afraid of many things. Organ transplants should be offered for many people, I actually hope one day our system would upgrade everything so we can generate an organ so people who need one can have another chance at life. Sadly our technology is not that upgraded and out of the world yet. One day it will, and I cannot wait to see it happen