3rd Grade Awesome Readers!

Mrs. Andraska and Mrs. Langen

October, 2015

We're off to a great start in reading group and getting to know your children. The students are building stamina with independent reading. They are learning strategies to decode new and/or unknown words. We take lots of pictures to catch them reading and working hard. Watch your Class DoJo account for a pic sent to you! By now, if you have internet access, you should have received at least one message from us from Class DoJo. Please read through this newsletter for important information about our reading group.

At-Home Reading Expectations

All the students are familiar with our reading expectations, because to be the great readers that we know the students can be, they HAVE to practice reading as often as possible. The students should be bringing their reading bag with log home every night with a 'Good Fit' book in the bag.

1. Read 20-30 minutes each night - including weekends. Raz-Kids counts toward this, too!

2. We would like at least 10 of those minutes to be read OUT-LOUD to an adult.

3. Adult initials or signature are expected on the reading log or for those in Mrs. McGuire's classroom, signing the planner calendar with book and minutes read would be fine.

What is a 'Good Fit' book?

How can you help your child determine a 'Good Fit' book at home?

1. When your child goes to read a text, have him or her use the 'Good Fit' method to explain why that specific text was chosen. Ask your child, "Is that a 'Good Fit' book for you? Show me how you know that." Here is what your child is looking for in a 'Good Fit' book - they need to be able to say the following:

1. I get most of the words right.

2. I can read with feeling.

3. I use the punctuation.

4. I understand what I read.

"5 Finger Rule" for words that I don't know on a page:

0-1 errors too easy

2-4 errors 'Good Fit'

5+ errors too hard

2. You can model the 'Good Fit' method for your child. Take a book that you are reading and go through the steps to set an example for what it looks like and sounds like to review a reading selection.

3. Help your child recognize when a text is too difficult. They have been taught to ask:

  • Are there 5+ words on a page that I don't know?
  • Is this book hard to comprehend?
  • When I read this book, does it sound choppy and slow?
  • adapted from www.thedailycafe.com
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Mrs. Andraska/Mrs. Langen

We have loved working with 3rd grade students through the years! It's such a pleasure watching them grow to love the joy of reading. We're looking forward to this school year with your children.

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