Character Description

Roxane is Cyrano's cousin and true love. She has both brains and beauty as shown when Cyrano describes her as "the woman in the world most beautiful...most sweet, most wise, most witty, and most fair" (Rostand 40). Although she may be book smart, Roxane is naive and mistakenly falls in love with the wrong person. While initially she is attracted to Christian's good looks, Roxane is fooled into loving him as a person as well because of Cyrano's deceiving love letters. Roxane is a kind and forgiving as shown by how she accepted Cyrano back after he deceived her. After he repents and reveals to truth she says, "your true self has prevailed over you outer appearance. I now love you for your soul" (Rostand 161). Because she lost both Christian and later Cyrano, Roxane became an emotionally tough, resilient woman. She says "I never loved but one man in my life, and I have lost him twice" (Rostand 193). Roxane went through a lot of pain and sorrow throughout her struggles for love, ultimately making her stronger as a person.