Let's learn about Islam

Early Islam

It started with the prophet Mohammed telling other people of Mecca about the one and only Allah. Followers of Islam, Muslims, believe that the angel Gabriel came to Mohammed to tell him the word of God. The the wealthy leaders of Mecca were afraid that Mohammed and his followers. Mohammed and his followers left the city so the leaders couldn't hurt them. This migration concluded the first Islamic year. After, a couple of years Mohammed returned to Mecca. By the time of his death in 632 A.D Islam had united the tribes of Arabia and was the major religion in the area.

Islam Today

Unlike in the past, when Islam was a single united force. Islam today is divided into many countries with different types of governments. In some countries traditional Islamic rules and customs are strictly enforced. In other countries these is a separation of religion and government. Although there are many differences that divide Islam they still share a strong heritage and Islam continues to be a major force throughout the world.

Important people and Symbols in Islam

You will not regret being a Muslum

Converting to Islam is simple and does not require much more than sincerely believing that Allah is the one true God and Mohammad is his prophet.