Room 126a

Weekly Update #13

A Week In Review

Technology continues to grow in our classroom. This week, with the help of a digital projector which is on loan to our classroom, we began projecting our stories onto the SMARTboard. This allowed everyone to see the pictures better, and we could "share the reading" so that the students are part of the story telling, not just the teacher.

We began looking at holiday traditions through our show and tell and through stories. We also began comparing different versions of the Gingerbread Man, including one called the Gingerbread Bear which takes place in a National Park!

We are continuing with colour studies, patterning, and measurement.

This Week's Special Helpers are

Monday MJ

Tuesday Cavan, Samira, & Nathan

Wednesday Isabel, Oscar, & Zoe

Thursday Anna

Friday Claire, Kyle, & Abby

On your child's special day, please send in an artifact that reminds your child of their favourite family tradition. Traditions can be anything: Celebrations, Birthdays, annual camping trips, regular weekend activities, family game night, etc... Please talk to your child about the artifact and the tradition it represents (including any special food, decorations, guests, etc...) so that they can present it to the class.

Happy Birthday to MJ and Anna who are celebrating their birthdays this week!


Help Keep Each Other Healthy

We have been working on building healthy habits (such as washing our hands when they have been in our mouths, etc...) in the classroom. However, germs do continue to travel fast through our classroom. Please practice healthy habits with your child at home: cover mouths with elbows when coughing and sneezing; use kleenex instead of fingers to wipe noses; and wash hands with soap and water (don't forget to scrub). Also, if your child is sick, please keep them home until they are better. Please help us keep each other healthy.

Lost And Found

We are continuing to collect a lot of items in our lost and found basket... especially mittens and hats. Ms Lim and I try to ensure that everyone is wearing all their outdoor gear throughout the day and taking it home. However, there are still a lot of items that do not have labels on them. If you label your child's belongings we can make sure they go home with the correct person each day.

Please make sure your child arrives at school dressed to play outside!

Weekly Walk

With the PA Day on Friday, our schedule has changed slightly. Our Weekly Walk (Day 2), is now on Tuesday mornings. If you would like to join us for the walk at 9am on Tuesday, please email me to let me know.


We did not get any yellow items last week for our Yellow study, so we are going to try again this week. Please help us explore the colour Yellow by sending in yellow magazine, catalogue, and flyer clippings, and yellow labels. Thank you.

Please remember to return poetry folders on Monday.


Thank you to Ophelia's mom, Jessica, for doing this week's classroom laundry.

In the next few weeks, we are hoping to start using cotton hand towels at the classroom sink, in an attempt to limit the amount of brown paper towels we use. These towels will be added to our weekly laundry, but the blanket and towels should still only be one load worth.

If you are available to do laundry this week, please email me to let me know.

The Kindergarten Concert is on Tuesday December 16 at 2:30pm in the Senior Gym