7th and 8th Grade News

Week of Feb. 1st

Ampersand and Asterisk News

Hello Parents and Guardians!

This week is going to be a fun and exciting week! We begin the celebration of Catholic School's Week. This week is a time for us to remember how lucky we are that we get to receive a Catholic education, as well as demonstrating our pride for the school! In order to demonstrate pride in the school, we have lots of fun stuff planned for this week! Check it out below!

No Tutoring this week

There will no tutoring this week due to the small amount of homework students will be receiving. Also, I'm going to be very busy getting things together for Catholic School's Week. Title 1 Catapult services will still be offered on Monday and Wednesday, if you're student is a member of that group.


Even though there will be little to no homework for students this week, we are still having two tests this week on Friday. Students who are in my Pre-Algebra class (All 7th graders except one) will be having a test on Friday on fractions in equations. They should be taking their book home each day and practicing problems. If they need help, THEY MUST UTILIZE CLASS TIME TO ASK ME FOR HELP. I will not be offering tutoring this week, so this is very important, with the test coming up. Some students aren't very good at asking for help yet. I would encourage you to encourage your student to ask me for help when they need it.

Social Studies test will also be this Friday. Students will be filling out their study guides in class tomorrow and playing study games on Wednesday to prepapre for the test. Students should be taking home their "A More Perfect Union" US History books home every day this week.

Registering for Re-Enrollment

Registration for current families is from Feb. 1st-Feb. 26th. It will open for EVERYONE on Feb. 29th. If families do not complete the registration process, including the payment of the enrollment fee (by. Feb. 26th), your "spot" may be given away for next year. Also, all families must have an account in "good standing," in order to re-enroll for next year. Call the office with any questions or concerns.

Students unattended in the building after school

So sometimes after school when I'm tutoring some of your students, or when Mrs. Scott may be tutoring one of your students, or your student may be in orchestra or some other club, sometime siblings who have nothing to do, wind up running around the empty school unattended. This is a safety hazard for this student. We ask that if your student is staying after school for something, and has a sibling who doesn't have anything to do, that you pick up the sibling or find someone who can.

For the safety of the child, we will place them Extended Care for a fee if you do not pick up your student.

Catholic Schools Week

Here are the dress-up Days

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Sports Day (students are allowed to wear jerseys, t-shirts, uniforms that are sports-related, or clothing that is sports-related. Please not cleats.)

Wednesday- Flip Flop Day (Students dress up as the teacher of their choice and the teachers dress as students.)

Thursday- Grandparent's Day (FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM FOR CHURCH)

Friday- Color Wars (8th graders wear Teal, 7th graders wear Gray)


I sent an email out last week sometime about having you drop your students off and picking them up from St. Annes Convent (6602 S Alaska St. Tacoma, WA, 98408) NEXT MONDAY AT 8:15AM. I need immediate responses on this. If you have responded already to the series of Yes/No questions, thank you. If you haven't, please do so as soon as possible. I have 6 responses for 18 students so far. I will re-send the email tomorrow as a reminder to those who haven't. DISREGARD EMAIL IF YOU RESPONDED TO THE FIRST ONE.


Progress Reports and Conferences

Progress Reports will be going out in this week WEDNESDAY ENVELOPE. They are a very simplified versions of the progress your student has made since the beginning of the trimester. They will not require conferences, however, I will be INDIVIDUALLY EMAILING parents who I think should come in to discuss the progress of your student. I will be doing this tomorrow. At the same time, if you would like to request a conference with your student, please email me as soon as you can.

Conferences are on Friday Feb. 12th

Hope you all have a great week!