Pamlico Sound

By Jordan Larose


The Pamlico Sound is the largest sound on the East Coast. A "sound" is a regional term for a saltwater lagoon, and at an approximate 80 miles long and a variable 15-20 miles wide, the Pamlico Sound comprises the majority of the western Outer Banks coastline from Whalehead Junction at the edge of Bodie Island all the way to Portsmouth Island.

Importance of Estuaries

In addition to providing economic, cultural and ecological benefits to communities, estuaries deliver invaluable ecosystem services. Ecosystem services are fundamental life-support processes upon which all organisms depend. Two ecosystem services that estuaries provide are water filtration and habitat protection.

Plants and Animals

    The green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, bald eagle, and piping plover, dolphins, seagrass, and mangrove are just a few plants and animals that are found here.

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Sources of Water

The sound is fed by three different inlets, Oregon Inlet, Hatteras Inlet and Ocracoke Inlet


Excess nutrients, toxic material, erosion, habitat loss, development, industry, etc