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29 January 2016

Up Coming Dates

1 February 2016-17 Kindergarten Registration Begins
5 February 11:10-11:30 Author Share
25 February PTO Chili Supper and Silent Auction
29 February Year book orders due

Our Week

Dear Parents,

It was a good week in first grade! We’re enjoying watching the birds out our window this week. We have a host of critters that visit our bird feeders and courtyard and many of us are becoming quite adept at identifying the frequent visitors: sparrow, mourning dove, house finch, and a very persistent red headed woodpecker. There are also squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. They are all very entertaining to watch.

This week, we read the book Snowmen at Night and used our imaginations to write about what we think our snowmen do at night and to explain why when we come outside the next day our snowmen always look a little ragged around the edges! We worked hard on our piece to write a first sentence that was a “grabber”— something that set the stage for our story and draw the reader into the story while including those small moments. The kids did a good job of using their imaginations. This writing project also provided us the opportunity to start working on learning the rules that govern when to double the consonant before adding –ing or –ed. We are working to remember to check for two things: Does the word have a short vowel sound? and Does the word end with a vowel consonant combination? If so, we need to double the consonant. We’re also working on remembering to drop the ‘e’ on words like make to write making. We continue to work on remembering to add punctuation and appropriate capitalization. We’re reading to decide if we really need the word ‘and’ (or so, then, but etc.) or should it be a period for the start of a new idea. We also enjoyed comparing our Snowmen at Night stories to our very first day writing in our Journals just to see how far we’ve come in 100 days. The difference is huge!

We 'illustrated' our story by making a snowman following the directions of a “glyph”. Each element of their snowman (hat, gloves, boot color, button shape, mouth type and so on) was chosen depending on the statement the child picked to answer a question. For example, I am a girl: earmuff; I am a boy: ski hat.

We will be hosting an Author Share next Friday, February 5th at 11:10 in Rooms 16/18 to share our Snowmen at Night Stories and would be delighted to have you join us.

We are working on developing the concept of balancing an equation. We enjoyed looking at problems and solving for the mystery number x. We continue to work on expanding our number sense and ability to work with base ten numbers. We used animal cards that had the animal weight listed on the card. We used base ten blocks to represent the weight. So, an animal that weighted 23 pounds was two tens (or longs) and three ones (or cubes). We took turns telling different number stories to find the combined weight. For example, the raccoon weighs 23 pound and the fox weighs 12 pounds how much do they weigh together? Using the manipulatives to represent the numbers it became quite easy to see—Oh, three tens and seven ones makes 37! The blocks also neatly illustrate what to do when one has to regroup, or carry, in order to solve an addition problem. We continue to work on hearing the word clues that will tell us whether we need to add or subtract. This week we worked with using the words ‘find the difference’ and ‘how many more blank than blank” to solve problems. We are also talking about multiples of 10 and practicing rounding up or down to the nearest ten to help us estimate if an answer makes sense.

Have a great weekend!

Laura B.


We started working with a class blogging site: Kidblog. Many kids indicated they would like to blog at home. The address for our site is:

The password is blog18

Spelling Words


My mom picked me up from school. She told me a joke on the way home.