Year 3

Snack Box Homework!

Choose a main meal....

These belly-busting homework activities have a maths flavour! The deadline for these activities is Thursday 10th April.

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Sandwich (design a questionnaire)

Learning Objectives: To plan and carry out a well-designed questionnaire.

Your task is to design an online questionnaire which you can send to friends, relatives (or even friends of relatives or relatives of friends). The questionnaire should contain at least 3 questions related to the theme 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'. We have discussed examples of suitable questions in school.

Week 1

In ICT this term you have learnt how to create questionnaires using This week you need to ask an adult to help you create a free account on NOTE: You can change the language at the foot of the web page.

You should use the skills you have learnt in ICT this half term to write your questionnaire on survey monkey and send it to as many people as you can. You will need your Mum or Dad to help you with this! Try to get at least 10 people to answer your questionnaire.

Week 2

This week you will look at the results of your questionnaire. See if you can write at least 5 things that you found out about 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' from your data. If you want to do something more challenging you could write some questions about your results for your classmates to answer!


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle information

Pasta (solve a puzzle)

Learning Objective: To interpret data presented in the form of a line graph.

Your task is to learn how to interpret line graphs and then to use this skill to find out about how the populations of different birds of prey in the UK have changed since 1970.

Week 1

This week you will be learning about how to interpret a line graph. Go to this website and learn how to interpret a line graph with an adult. See if they can ask you three questions about the data in the line graph. Maybe you could ask them some questions too!

Week 2

This week you will be using information presented in a line graph to answer questions written by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) about breeding pairs of birds in the UK since 1970. The line graph and questions are below.

Rice (create a photo-graph)

Learning Objective: To present information in the form of a bar graph using real life objects.

A photo-graph is a physical representation of data using real life objects! Look at the example below. Your task is to collect some data and present in the form of a photo-graph. Then you will need to write some questions about your graph for a classmate to answer!

Week 1

This week you will need to collect data and present it in the form of a graph (look at the example below). Take a photo of the graph and print it out. Your graph could be about anything! Here are some ideas:

  • Use toy cars to make a graph about the frequency of different colours of cars that pass by your house in 30 minutes.
  • Use the toys in your bedroom to make a graph about the different types of toys you have.
  • Go to the sweet shop and buy some sweets. Use them to make a graph about how many sweets of different kinds that you (or your Mum or Dad) eat in a week!

Week 2

Now you have made your photo-graph it's time to start thinking about some questions you can ask your classmates. Some ideas for question starters might be:

  • What is the most popular...
  • What is the least popular...
  • Which only had two votes...
  • How many altogether...

See if you can think of at least 5 questions. Don't forget to write the answers to your questions too!

Example photo-graph

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