Middle School Get Me Out Of Here

James patterson


Rafe gets kicked out of hills village middle schools and his parents can't pay the rent of the apartment.So they decide to go live at grandma's ,but grandma lives in the big city.Rafe is not used to the big city, so he decide to go to Cathedral School Of Art.He decides to do mission GET A LIFE.His goal in the mission is to do anything he has never done before like playing poker to discovering new things about his family.

Point of view

This story is written in the first-person point of view. This sentence from the book shows it's written in the first-person point of view "That is where I was supposed to do 7th grade." I think it's in the first point of view because it uses I and me a lot.


I think the theme of the story is to choose your actions wisely.This sentence from the book leads to it "It was a little embarrassing,but in another way it was also the best night of my life." I think it's true because he choose his actions wisely and doesn't regret the end of the year party he threw.


There are two types of characterization used in my book.The first one is charters own thoughts,actions and feelings.This sentence shows it "I don't think matty was used to following other people's plan." The second type of characterization used is other charter's actions,thoughts and feelings.As shown in this sentence "I don't know if it will make sense."said matty

This dialogue is important to the story because it tells you that Rafe and his sister don't like the new place they are going to be living in.