Onid Junior High School

Technology of the Building

Clear Solar Panels

  • Onid ISD has decided to put completely clear solar panels in the Junior High School.
  • The panels are as clear as glass, and are more efficient than the opaque solar panels of the past.
  • They are placed with the windows to not only provide natural lighting within the school, but also to make the school more eco-friendly and green.

Energy from vibrations

  • Inside of Onid ISD's Junior High there are pieces of hardware that harness natural kinetic energy to produce electricity.
  • The pieces of technology is a device about one cubic centimeter in size that uses ambient vibrations (such as the vibrations of sound) to produce electricity.
Energy from flexing

  • Onid ISD would use a device that uses flexing, as opposed to vibrations, to make electricity.
  • The device would be useful being used by machinery to continuously flex it to make the electricity.

Technology for Students and Faculty

Wireless Charging

  • Onid ISD's Junior High School has wireless chargers that send out a magnetic field through the air, while shooting electricity through the air.
  • It plugs into a router, much like WiFi, but instead you connect to electricity and are able to charge your devices.

Augmented Reality

  • Onid ISD will use Augmented Reality to lower and nearly nullify school trip costs. The AR, or Augmented Reality, combines the real world with a fake one.
  • Or, it can be used to display any place in the real world, instead of going there.
  • This will make demonstrations, school trips, and special lessons easier.

Technology on Campus

Solar Botanic Trees

  • Onid ISD has decided to utilize the improvements in both solar and nano-technology, and has placed solar-power harnessing trees on the JHS campus.
  • The trees's leaves are solar panels, and one tree can power a three bedroom house.
  • In all of OJHS's green areas, these trees have been placed.