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Athletic Trainor

Job Description

They can help athletes when they get hurt and they see if they well enough to play.

Cool Fact

They can sometimes be around pro athletes!
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How This Career Benefits Society

They help athletes when they get injured.

Education Requirements

You are required to have a bachelors degree, That is the minimum. Over half of the athletic trainer´s have a masters degree or higher.
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Your Personality

You need to have a very strong personality to be a trainer, Because you are around a lot of people a ton of time and you are also helping people all the time.

There Annual Salary or Wages

There salary is $43,370.
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Projected Job Growth

Much faster than average (21% or more).

Some Of The Big Companies That Hire In This Field

The first one is Concentra, The second one is NBA, The third one is University of California.
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