Marine Biology

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Great hands on learning opportunities

At UFL Marine BIology, we have great opportunities to prepare students for the world. We are located in Lahaina, Maui, creating a convienent learning environment near the ocean. Our university includes two aquairiums, shamu tanks, disection rooms, and a lecture hall.

What does UFL offer to Marine Biology students?

We offer an Under Graduate program and a Masters program. Our programs are world renowned providing the proper education for our students and preparing them for a life of sea careers. UFL is the perfect location for a study of the ocean. No other University can make the claim.


Come learn & 'sea'!


* 5,000 (Per Year)

*10,000 (Per Year)

* Full Ride

There are 6 recipients of our scholarships each year. 3 for Undergraduate students and 3 for Graduate students.

Tuition: $14,000 (Undergrad)

Tuition: $16,000 (Graduate)

Contact Information

UFL Marine Biology welcomes you to come and receive the proper education that will give you many opportunities in your life. We hope to see you soon.