New Games - Completely Free

Brand new, never before released games


Thursday, April 25th 2013 at 11pm

Monkseaton Dr

Whitley Bay


What is GAME 1 about?

There are two choices of games avaliable and in Game 1, you can shoot, jump, run and collect points to win. With easy directions ('S' to shoot, 'A' to jump) is a simple, but fast game that requires reflexes to not get hit by the robot shooting you. Dodge the missiles, and collect coins to win the game. The coins are hidden in thew hills so it also requires the ability to find things. Collect 5 points and you win!


What is GAME 2 about?

Game 2 is the second choice avaliable. Its a lot faster than Game 1 and has a more complex aim. You can still shoot, run, jump and collect coins, but now you can easily shoot enemies to collect points. Enemies are 5 points and stars are 1 point. Go through 4 different layers of the world, and shoot enemies and even trees to clear your path through to win the game. Collect 20 points and you win the game. Get shot by an enemy and you lose.