AIG 6th Grade

Projects, Activities, and Products...Oh My!

Element Cube: Students share projects with their classmates....

AIG Projects can reinforce skills that are relevant to both group and individual work, including the ability to:

  • Break complex tasks into parts and steps
  • Plan and manage time
  • Refine understanding through discussion and explanation
  • Give and receive feedback on performance
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Develop stronger communication skills.

By doing PBL students have more opportunities to communicate with peers, teachers, and parents....

Furthermore....AIG projects can also help students develop skills specific to collaborative efforts, allowing students to...

  • Tackle more complex problems than they could on their own.
  • Embrace more roles and responsibilities.
  • Share diverse perspectives.
  • Expand knowledge and skills.
  • Personal accountability often increases.
  • Receive social support and encouragement to take risks.
  • Develop new approaches to resolving task resolution.
  • Establish a shared identity with others
  • Develop their own voice and perspectives in relation to peers.

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