Final Project

annie lieb

Internet privacy

Advantages of sharing online :
  • You can stay in contact better with long distance friends and family.
  • You can inform other people about useful thing.
Disadvantages :
  • There can be dangerous people online that can access your information.
  • If you overshare information it could result in life threatening situations.
Information you should keep private :
  • Your phone number
  • Your address
  • Your social security number
A negative post could ruin someone's reputation. If you put something negative on someone's page, anyone can see it. It could be something that that person doesn't want anyone to know.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying someone using the internet. Commenting hurtful things on someone's social media is an example of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying typically escalates when either 1, the bully sees that he or she is hurting the victim, normally that's the bully's goal. 2, if the victim fights back and says rude things back to the bully, this can worsen the problem. The victim can tell an adult about the issue. To de-escalate the issue you can black the person being mean or simply ignore them.
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Body image and the media

I think digitally manipulating photos to make them look more appealing is very wrong because it isn't real life. Many people strive to look like the people photographed in magazines, but in reality, no one actually looks like that. Images like that make people want to be things that are impossible and set extremely high standards or people, making many feel bad about themselves. Because of the buff guys in magazines and the extremely skinny girls, we all look down on imperfect people when no one really looks like that. We expect guys to have huge muscles and girls to be little twigs.

Violence in the media

In shows when something violent happens, then everyone ends up fine, living happily ever after, this gives children the wrong idea. This makes kids think that everything is happily ever after and even if they do something bad, it won't matter because everything will be fine, but that's not the case. I don't think that violent movies teach kids to kill, not at all, but i do think that they introduce children to more violent acts and show them what violence is like.

Media usage

If i had to give up an app, the hardest thing would be my texting app, because it's how i stay in contact with all my friends and i wouldn't be able to talk to them. I suppose this tells me that technology has become one of the most important things in my life. I think that every teenager feels the pressure to make themselves look a certain way on social media. There are such high expectations for kids my age to look "hot" or "cool" and everyone strives to fit in. For both boys and girls, the goal is to look good. But for boys it could be making their muscles look big and girls, their body.
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Persuasive advertising

Both of these advertisements are suggesting that their products are made with the freshest and realest ingredients. The top one is a restaurant's ad, and the bottom one is just a company. The message in both is that people should buy their products because they're the most real. The ads are trying to target mostly adults because they buy the food for their kids.