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cup CATT

I created this cat because i wanted to create something for my mom, sence she loves cats i decided to make one for her

i had somany problems with these especilly with the eyes i wanted them to be just perfect but man there were hard. but good thing they came out good at the end

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community project

i created a bird house because i wanted the birds to have a place to live:) what i mean is that i wanted to also help raise money for the community project that mr. jenkins told us i worked really hard in it and had several problems for example one problem was that i had to make 4 triangles and then put them together this was difficult because it would not stay in the shape i wanted to infact tht pointy arow thts on top i did that by accident it was not supposto look like tht but i like it so i just left it .
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cookie jar

i wanted to make a cookie jar for my dad because he loves but loves cookies sence we are a fammily of 5 we always finish the cookies so wanted to make a present for him n fill it with lots of cookies :) i had so much trouble with this one i wanted the little balls to be a diffrent color but they ended the same as the piece:( but what can i do but im starting to like this piece after all it was made for my dad :)
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john Deweese potterty

what i see in the picture is that he looks like something bad happend and thats why hes head is like all down and hes ashame of it and thts why hes half naked because he doesnt care about the rest just his integrity.

the work is really succesful because it has many meanings

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emma marie caldwalader guid sculpure

this picture talks to me that you can be diffrent from others and still be very bright all those shapes and form of how its build it also says how you can be a person with many cualityes :)