Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * May 23, 2016


During the last few weeks of school, we will be exploring the theme What a Surprise! We will read about all kinds surprises. As we read, we will explore the Big Idea “A surprise can change your life.” We will begin with a fantasy story about a big birthday surprise, The Mysterious Tadpole. We will also learn about real tadpoles in the informational text From Eggs to Frogs. Throughout this first week, we will talk about this question: “Why is it helpful to know the setting of a story?”

Target Vocabulary: confused, ordinary, control, sensible, suspiciously, training, cage, upset

Phonics Skills: Vowel diphthongs oo (shoot), ew (dew), ue (true), ou (you)

Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple meaning words

Comprehension Skill: Story structure-tell the setting, character and plot in a story

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/predict-use clues to figure out more about story parts

On Monday and Tuesday, the students will put the finishing touches on their Nonfiction Insect Reports. Wednesday is our big day! Each class at Stoy will visit our room to read and see what we learned. Finally, at 1:45 our classroom will be open to all of you. We hope you are just as excited as we are!

To end the year on a creative note, on Thursday, the students will be introduced to the genre of Graphic Novels and Cartoons Strips. They will to work to develop original characters and draw them facing different directions and experiment changing the facial expressions. They will begin to develop stories based on their original characters next week.


Lesson 9-12: Unit 9 Progress Check (2 day lesson)
  • Complete the Self Assessment
  • Reflect on expectations
  • Complete Unit 9 Challenge
  • Complete Unit 9 Assessment and Open Response
Review Single Digit Addition and Subtraction Strategies
  • Doubles
  • Compliments (couples) of 10
  • Plus 10 ; Minus 1
  • Doubles, plus or minus 1

Social Studies

This week, the Second Graders with begin their final Social Studies. Unit 6, "People at Work" introduces the students to economics. This week, we will read and learn that goods are things that can be bought or sold. In addition, we will identify a service a work done by others for payment. Some people that provide services are mechanics, doctors and construction workers. The class will also distinguish between producers and consumers. Producers make goods or provided services. Consumers buy goods or services.


May 24th - Unit 9 Math Test
May 25th - Nonfiction Report Parent visit 1:45-2:45
May 26th - Student Council Patriotic Spirit Day and Pretzel Sale
May 27th - PTA Sponsored Arden Theater 9:00-12:00 - Lunch will be at 12:00
May 30th - No School - Memorial Day
June 2nd - Camp Creek Run Field Trip - Permission Slips due May 27th
June 8th - Student Council Sunglasses Spirit Day and Pretzel Sale