London is the capital of UK. It's a very big city in the south-est of england. In a year there are milion persons that visit London. In this city there are museum, parks and here live a lot of famous people.

Madame Tussaud

One famous museum is Madame Tussud, is very big and it's in the centre of London. Here we can found wax status of famuos people as Barak Obama, Bob Marley, Hitler...
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Big Eye

The Big Eye is e big wheel panoramic. It is on the Thames. A lot of people go on it and see all london. It's so expansive but is a tourist actaction

London at night

When arrive the night London meens another city. The teenegers go to clubs, discoes and go around to picadily circus and another street.

Big bang

The Big Bang in a tour with a big clock. Near it there is the parlament. Here arrive a lot of people from all the word.