A Peek at the Week

December 2, 2018

Our PLC (Professional Learning Community)

Just a reminder to send me the person you have chosen as your grade level leader to help with collaboration vs. coblaboration by tomorrow afternoon. Additonally, send me the one standard/indicator that you have chosen as your promise standard. Remember, you are chosing one math standard/indicator that your students must master to be successful in the upcoming grade. Our next meeting is December 5th where we learn more about what is next. Don't forget! I need your person and your standard/indicator by tomorrow afternoon.

Reading Levels

It is that time of the year when we need to sit with our students to indidually check how much they have grown in reading since the beginning of the year. Please begin to make your plan for leveling your students. This information is so important.

We are constantly looking at ways to help our students grow as readers. Begin your leveling with those students that you are most concerned about. Use this time to really determine what they need most to grow as a reader. Jan Richardson says that "one reason children don't accelerate is because the school day does not contain enough "eyes on text" reading. In the intermediate grades, the biggest acceleration challenge is comprehension. Most can decode well and read with fluency and phrasing, but they have difficulty understanding texts deeply. Interventions need to include explicit teaching and practice around comprehension needs." We will look over levels as a school to see if we need to adjust interventions, small groups, etc., as we move forward in the year. Levels need to be complete by the beginning of February.

Chorus Concert

Our chorus concert will be December 6th at the middle school. They will be performing for the school on the 7th.

Continued Prayers

Please continue to pray for David and his family. :-( I am going to send out a call today to our families. My thought is to have a hat day in his honor where students bring in $1 if they would like and the money will go to David's family. We will plan this for Tuesday.

Are You Struggling to Connect With Some Kids?

I firmly believe that the number 1 way to see growth in learning is the relationship between the student and the teacher. If you are not seeing a child grow and you find yourself having more to say that is negative than positive about one of your students, try one of these suggestions:

1. Find times throughout the day to sit and just talk. Ask about home, friends, what worries them, and what they think they are good at doing.

2. Call home and talk to their family and/or ride by their house just to see where they live.

3. Give them a journal so that they can write to you and you write back

This happens to us all at times. We are frustrated with a certain student and feel that "we have done everything we know to do." It is a good reminder to remember that it is only December. We still have half of the school year left and that is a lot of days to keep trying to find what works. :-)

December Goodies

Let's plan to provide treats in December to make our day a little merrier! Follow the schedule below and bring enough to feed us all!

December 10th: Related arts and Office

December 11th: K4, K5, Special Ed.

December 12th: 1st and 2nd grade

December 13th: 3rd and 5th grade

December 14th: 5th, B. Moore, Clardy, Alverado

Staff Party

We are working on a fun idea for our staff party. After last year's masquerade ball and seeing how much fun the staff had, we are toying with the idea of having a staff "Snowball." In order to do this right and go all out, our thought is to have it in January. You will be receiving a survey about this soon. Please complete it and we will begin planning our staff get together!


I will be out the week of December 10th. Tony and I are going on a cruise- please pray that the ship won't sink!

Upcoming Dates:

December 4th: Foothills Alliance here to speak with students

December 6th: Christmas Concert at Palmetto Middle

December 7th: Chorus to sing for the school0 8:30 & 9:15

December 10th: Sweet Treats Begin

December 11th: 5th grade chorus to nursing home

December 18th: K4/K5 program

December 19th: Christmas parties, dismissal at 11:00