Survival Guide

for Mojave Desert, Las Vegas

Location, Climate, and Geography

The Mojave Desert is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It averages less than 12cm of precipitation. They have plenty of valleys and mountain ranges. Temperatures in the Mojave can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Steps to Survive By:

1. Expect the unexpected to happen and you are likely to be prepared

2. Never go alone. Always take a companion, especially if you are not familiar with the area. If things go wrong you can help each other

3. Dress in light colored, loose fitting clothes for the heat, and several layers of clothing for the cooler weather. Pack a hat

4. Let someone know your trip route, destination, and return date.

Leave a map or written directions with someone. Let them know if you change plans after you leave. If you turn up missing, we need a place to start looking.


1.The Coyote can be harmful but if you leave it alone and walk away you will be able to get out ok. Yes, because you can cook it over a fire and it will taste good.

2.Bats can be helpful because you can cook them and it will help you from dying of starvation.


1. Desert Paintbrush has height of 12-18 inches. Desert Paintbrushes are edible so they will have to be your new best friend.

2. The Joshua tree-Spring rains may bring clusters of white-green flowers on long stalks at branch tips. You can hide from animals behind it. You can bake the stems and eat them so you wont starve.

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