Isabelle Koster

My story on "Izzy" Koster


Did you know, I know someone who speaks sign language? She also is an amazing actor.

Also, she loves hockey. Who would have as amazing qualities as this? The one and only Isabelle Koster!

Early Life

The beginning of her life was very good until she approached the age 2. That was when sadly, her father passed away. Luckily, she was too young to remember him. When she was a child she was a very very silly girl. One time she tried to make her own little snowman, (No, not Olaf) but midway through making the little guy he collapsed! Another time, she drew a portrait of her mother, although apparently her mother has green fingers, blue skin, and purple hair. Silly Izzy!

More on Izzy's life

Later in life, she learned a very interesting language called ASL. She started learning this language at the age of 2 months! The question I bet your asking is, "What the heck does ASL stand for?" Well, ASL stands for, "American Sign Language" didn't think of that did you? The reason she was required to learn ASL was because both of her parents are deaf. IN fact, if her daycare didn't speak English, she may have never spoken to us.

Fun Facts

Now some fun things on are great friend Izzy! Believe it or not, she prefers ASL over English! And as I said she really likes hockey. Also, her Grandpa will buy her anything she wants.


As you have learned, this person is very kind and special to us all. I mean, what's not to like about Incredible Izzy? She's very kind, speaks not one but TWO languages! That's crazy! Anyway, I hope you learned more about the amazing life of Isabelle Koster.