The Pre-Hispanic Times

9/7/2015 (B.C.) Ms. Maruca Morales/ Gustavo Glz. 7thB

The Mayas: The best government

Breaking news: The Mayan culture has developed a Hierarchical government consisting of Kings and Priests for their city-states, this new government is in pursuit for different architectural developments and advances into a more modern warfare style, the ceremonial enters are grand and majestic, this is what the chief had to say: "We live in a tough world with tough neighbours, we have to advance in many aspects, or we will stay behind". These are true developments for the rainforest area.Mayan Government

The Olmecs: great advances in agriculture

Shocking new agriculture techniques by the Olmecs:

The Olmecs now have a new agricultural technique called slash and burn, in which they bur there overgrown crops, and use the remaining ashes as fertiliser for other plants , besides they grow many kinds of crops such as maize, squash, beans, and sweet potatoes.The Olmec - Agriculture