Decimal Operations

Adding, Subtracting, Dividing, and Multiplying Decimals

Dividing decimals by decimals

To divide decimal by deciamal you need to move the decimal of the divisor as much times for the decimal to be at the rigth end.

Then you move the decimal of the dividend as much times as you moved the decimal of the divisor to the rigth.

At the end bring the decimal up and divide normally.

Dividing Decimals by whole numbers

To divide decimals by whole numbers you just need to put up your decimal and divide normaly.

Multiplying Decimals

To multiply the decimals by whole numbers it is NOT necessary to align the decimals. You align the decimals at the end.


Subtracting decimals is easy.

1- subtract the numbers.

2- count the spaces after the decimals

3- Align your decimals.


Adding decimals is the same as adding whole numbers but at the end you just count the spaces after the decimal to align the decimal in your answer.


Decimals operations are operations that have decimals.

The decimal is a dot the divides the whole number from the decimals.