Amazing theater around the world.

By: Samantha Haslam

Spanish theater

Theater did not develop in all of Spain, only the Christian parts because it was not allowed in Islamic cultures. Similarly to the plays in middle ages Europe a lot of the plays in Spain were religious, although it is believed that they were preformed outside instead in the church. In the 1470's Spain began allowing Latin and Greek works to be translated into Spanish and Juan del Enica became known as the founder of Spanish dramas. The picture below is showing a pageant wagon, the Spanish used a similar version of these to put on plays outside.
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Early American theater

Historians do not have much information on the theater activities of the Native Americans. One reason in the mass illiteracy of the English people, a long with the fact that no one cared about the natives' dancing, they were more focused on their land. We do know that there were people called friars who, in an attempt to make the natives christian, wrote plays in the natives' language and in 1574 the first Spanish play composed by a native was written. The first professional American actor also emerged in 1574.
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French Theater

French theater was greatly impacted by the Renaissance in Italy. The impact of the Renaissance was at it's peak during the rule of Henri and Catherine de Mecidi. A group of French poets formed, known as the Pleiade, and began creating rules for grammar and new words. The topics of French dramas and comedies tended to be the same until Pierre de Larivey brought in Italian comedy to French plays and widened the horizons for artistic possibilities. The picture below is of him.
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