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23 December 2015 | #2

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OGX had their Outgoing Preparation Seminar for EPs!!

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Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) is a seminar prepared for the Exchange Participants (EP) for some reflecting session and presentation skills training. We have invited a few external to help on our OPS, which is our chair, Shavein from UTP. Furthermore, we have our facilitators, Suhail from UTP and Lexxie from TU. On welcoming the arrival of delegates, we did some square dance that led by Suhail and Ah Yeam.

For the first session which is World Café, Suhail did a fish bowl type of discussion, which is 1 inner circle consists of EPs to discuss about world issues and outer circle consists of EP Manager to be the observers to recap their discussion at the end. Suhail has prompt some questions that really let the EPs think about what is happening now in the whole world as well as around us in our country. Then they also think of how they can actually solve those issues. “Less complaints, more action”.

Second session, Values-driven Leaderships which led by Lexxie. She shared about how AIESEC shapes a leader and how this can solve the global issues and lead to our AIESEC vision. She included LDM model and Inner & Outer Journey to let EPs have a clearer insight on how leadership can be develop through AIESEC. She shared her experiences in Japan during her session.

Lunch time, we have a fun lunch time which every one of us sit down in a circle and eat.

Next session from Joyce which is SHOCK!!! She discussed about culture shock in those few countries that our EPs will be going. She also teach EPs how to handle with culture shock and reverse culture shock. Furthermore, she also teach about how to manage crisis when EPs are out of their comfort zone. The EPs are paired up with their EP buddies and discuss about what they can do if they faced some crisis problems.

After that, Ah Yeam’s session about Presenting Yourself. He discussed about how we can make a good presentation. He also shared his own ideas in preparing a good presentation which is T.B.L.P.

T – 10, 20, 30 second rules, B – Body gestures L – Learning point, P – Passionate

After that we also have a simulation on how the EPs present Malaysia to the world. It’s fun and awesome which we have Nyon Nyin, Suhail and Sook Han to be our judges.

Next on, it’s Yong Jia’s session, It’s On Me. This is a self-reflecting sessions for the EPs in order for them to set their expectation and goals for their GCP. Furthermore, Yong Jia also let them to write a letter to their future self so that they can clearly see how the changes is after they come back from GCP.

Goodies session. Jun Yung gave out the travel bags, EP journals and stickers to all the EPs and remind them on what they should prepare for their GCP.

Last but not least, Chair sharing from Shavein. He did a recap on every session and share his own GCP experiences to Poland!

Prepared by Jun Yung, OGX

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Carlisle's Sharing: How to Survive AIESEC During Finals

Dear AIESECers,

This is Carlisle here and I am the LCP of AIESEC in UUM and I just finished my first paper for this final exam. So I know exactly how you feel right now. You’re feeling enormous amounts of stress and don’t think you’re going to be able to make it for next few weeks. With so many EPs to match, papers to write, exams to take, and let alone the stress you deal with on a daily basis, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to finish this semester out with good grades. It’s a strong chance that you’re probably in the library right now and you have a million other things on your mind that you know you shouldn’t. Why does that always seem to be the case? You’re well aware you have so many studying to do, yet you find yourself thinking about everything except what you should be. You’re wondering what’s going on this weekend, why the TN isn’t replying you back and what you’re going to eat for dinner later. None of which involve that statistics test that you have this coming week. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do this, and here’s how.

Firstly, as hard as it may be, put your phone down. I know at the beginning you will feel very hard not being able to communicate with my friends, but I wasn’t nearly as distracted when it came to studying for exams. Along with putting your phone down, don’t get on Facebook. Just don’t do it. I’m that girl when I on my laptop, and the first tab I find myself opening is Facebook. But during exam, I will ask myself not to open it for at least a few hours. All of this requires a lot of self-discipline. But I guarantee you that by turning your phone off for a few hours, and by not getting on social media websites while you’re supposed to be looking over notes, your GPA will thank you later.

Secondly, learn to recognise when you're stressing out. A break or a chat with someone who knows the pressure you're under will get things into perspective. Hanging out with friends over a dinner, chat with them everything but not exam will helps a lot. Exam is just a small part of your life. If you can pass such an intensive selection process to become a member of AIESEC, I believe this will be a piece of cake for you.

However, if you can’t find yourself being able to do any of what I just said, just know that it isn’t the end of the world. Of course, grades matter and you should be applying yourself, but don’t think that because you make a bad grade that you’re screwed. You definitely aren’t. There just comes a point where you realize what really matters and what doesn’t as much. Ultimately, don't lose sight of the fact that there is life after exams. Things might seem intense right now, but it won't last forever.

Best of luck,


LCP term 201516


Some drops of inspirations from... Peiying!

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Outgoing Exchange

OGX had been busy Matching and delivering quality Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) to our Global Citizen applicants to get them ready for their exchanges this upcoming semester break! Are you excited to wait for the impacts that are happening?

For OPS we managed to invite Shavein all the way from UTP to be the chair! And then some OGX members also got the chance to be facilitators! How cool is that?

Generally, everyone learned a great deal during the OPS. And it ended with outing at Bumbung~ <3

Incoming Global Talent

Some of the members have attended company meetings with past TNs (Chatime, AQM and Capital Master). They have officially started our matching process of 5 forms for TN - Fuze Ecoteer by officially creating the role on EXPA & Podio. iGTP now has a new team structure whereby Shamita, Allen and Chi Weii will no longer be doing operational work but instead will only give supports to the acting directors! - divided into 2 teams to have better focus on both programmes GEP (By Carol) and GTP (By Bernadine).

Both iGTP & TM planned a surprise birthday party for Ah Yeam & Shamita. Members from other departments came to join as well. They also did a pizza farewell party for Allen and Shamita with members from other departments too!! :D

Incoming Global Citizen

IGCP now is all about Match! Match! Match! And more Matching!!!

Basically, IGCP had been working hard to make Match happen!! In this week, it will be their final sprint in Matching already. Let's give them all our support to get EPs coming into Malaysia for February realization! :D

Marketing & Communications

It's all about YouthSpeak!!! Have you let your voice be hear yet? Showcasing of YouthSpeak supporters. Promoting the survey and also the upcoming YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016 for MyLDS! (Check it down below). :D

And not to forget about focusing on Internal Communication - bringing you Appreciation Space (Lovecraft) and also your biweekly LC internal newsletter in face of exams!

We aim to break 3000 likes for our LC Fanpage by the end of December! Help us out by going to our Fanpage here and invite all your friends to like the page! :D

Talent Management

Recently, TM has been focusing on CD Team selection & preparation for MyLDS 2016!!! They were also doing tracking on team minimums, Pre-MyLDS planning, and currently working on National Member Survey (which will be released soon).

Have you know who is your CD Team yet for MyLDS 2016? Find out below! :D

Finance & Legalities

FL had a sharing on their personal values, happiest moments in life, conflicts with people and the things that shape them in their journey. They did a team review, reflecting on what they have learned and what changes they can bring to the department. As for the operational part, they have educated IGCP members about the IGCP TN form, and invoices for TN were also issued.

Kheng Yee: "I have done education for Shao Ren about the cash flow things. :D"

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YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016

Friday, Jan. 22nd 2016 at 9am-8pm

UTP Teronoh Perak Malaysia

Tronoh, Perak

YouthSpeak Forum Malaysia 2016 with the theme ‪#‎YouthSpeak‬: Forward Malaysia is an event that takes place in multiple locations around the world; bringing top young leaders together with business leaders, thought leaders, and experts for a conversation around pressing global issues with the aim to generate new, but most importantly, actionable ideas to that will impact the world and its future.
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Thank you for reading! =)