Elder Abuse

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What is Elder Abuse?

As elder's get older, they get physically weaker and more emotionally fragile. A lot of elder's get abused everyday and because they are not as young as they used to be, they are not able to stand up to the bullying against the abusers. The elder's abuser is usually the people who are responsible for them and that can be their own family members bullying the elders.

Different Types of Abuse

Elder Abuse does not mean emotionally abusing the elder, the abuse can range from physically abuse to mentally abuse. Physically abusing an elder means purposely harming that results in physical pain and injury. Another abuse can be emotional abuse and that causes emotional pain to the elder. An example would be yelling intimidatingly at the elder. Know the signs of all different types of Abuse.

Picture examples of Elder Abuse

Signs of Abuse

Physical Abuse: Bruising, Pain.
Emotional Abuse: Yelling, Humiliation, and Blaming.
Sexual Abuse: Sexually abusing the elder without consent.

Elder Abuse Hotline

The Ontario Number for Elder Abuse Prevention.
Toll Free Number: 1-866-299-1011