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Erica Southerland, Team Leader


I want to Congratulate you on this journey of fun!! I just want you to know I am here for you if you ever need anything!! I hope so far you have had a great experience with Origami Owl and with me being your Team Leader!! If you ever have any questions or concerns please let your Mentor be your first point of contact and then you can follow up with me! This is why I am here and why I love my job, to help lead and train you to grow your own Team one day!! Make sure you read all the information below to learn more now that your apart of a great FAMILY!!

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The above Picture was sent out to all by your Director, Michele Bradley please make sure we are following her advice, it helps minimize the confusion in the news feed on our bigger team page!

Pictures for Social Media

We are under strict rules and regulations that we can't use any unapproved photos for our Facebook Fan Pages. Please always get your pictures from the Origami Owl Official Facebook Page or from Back Office only!! This will save you time in the future. The Marketing Dept does not care to contact you if you have anything not approved. Just make sure we are in compliance at all times!!


Go to www.dropbox.com and download to your computer!! This is a great tool that you can save all your files to for quick reference!! Example is go to Back Office, click on Resources and download a file, it gives your the option to save to your Dropbox I recommend this because then you can access these files from anywhere, your phone or another computer!! Take advantage of this and download every file you can so you don't have to search and ask questions over and over for something! This helps with the above notice Michele sent out!!

Policies and Procedures

This is huge!!! Please go into the Back Office, Resources, Business Materials and first two files download and read before you do anything else!! This is a must so that you know what you can and can't do so we can avoid all mishaps from the Nest!!

Flyers Direct - Business Cards

www.flyersdirect.com/origamiowl is the only approved site to get your business cards from. The best value is the 1000 cards. You can do 250 for about $45 for $20 more you will get 750 more. This is what I did. You can pick any style you want and change the approved areas for information. Let me know if you have any quesitons!!


Revolution is your Back Office! Please take the time to look through all of the files and play around in there. This is where you will find all of your up to date information compared to our Facebook Page. There will be new updated information about the BO this week! Keep an eye out for the news!!

Erica Southerland, Team Leader, Independent Designer

You are receiving this email because you are apart of Team Southern Hoots, if you have received this email by mistake please contact me and I will remove you from the mailing list.