March 4th Grade Update

Miss Fowler's Class


After a successful study of angles we are moving on to Area and Perimeter. Students will work on finding one dimension of a rectangle when given its perimeter or area and another dimension.This work will prepare them to be able to find the perimeter and area of composite figures made of rectangles and squares. After this work we will move on to learning Decimals!

Of course, we will continue our daily mental math and word problems. And, as always, multiplication facts will be practiced.

Reading Workshop

This month we will begin our unit on fantasy. This is always a favorite! Using our read aloud, we will discuss common characteristics of fantasy novels and how setting is an important part of this genre. We will also look closely at the choices characters make, their motivation and the challenges they face along the way.

Fantasy lends itself to further exploration of setting and using context clues. Students will create timelines to organize and keep track of important information and note the different elements of fantasy found in different texts.

Writer's Workshop

March will find us continuing our work on essays. Having learned the essay “formula”, students will begin to collect ideas for their personal essays. Using their essays, students will also assess their own writing using an opinion-writing checklist. It is going to be a fun and challenging month!

Social Studies

This month we'll move westward and begin to explore the Southeast Region. We will continue using maps to understand the geographical location of the places we discuss and the natural resources of the area. We will also learn about the states and climate of the Southwest and make comparisons of people and groups who lived there in the past with people who live there now.

Upcoming Dates

March 17-21: Spring Break!