Pick any 1 item for FREE when you book a Stella & Dot Trunk Show in February. I'll bring it to you on the day of your partay!

Email me at to pick a date & reserve your gift. First come, first served.

What's involved?

I do most of the work, you just handle inviting your friends. Make a big list of everyone you know. If you jot down the names of about 6-10 people in 4 different social circles (work, school, church, gym, daycare, bank, friends, family, neighbours, etc). Include Canada-wide, out of town family & friends because they can order online. Once you do this, you realize you know way more people than you think! My average hostess gets $250+ in free credit and 4 half off items. This is usually done with about 10 purchasing guests. Invite everyone on your list, on average 10-15 will show up.

What about invitations?
I handle invitations (paper, evite, and/or facebook events), as well as provide you with some catalogues and your own personal shopping link so you can start collecting orders right away. If people can't make it or live too far away, they can shop your link and you still get the credit! Beyond invitations, my biggest piece of advice is be enthusiastic and personally reach out. People are more likely to show up than if they just got an evite and no personal follow up. They want to feel important, like you value them and really want to see them there.

What can I expect?
On the day of your party, I arrive about 45 minutes early to set up. The party itself lasts about 2 hours and it takes me about 15 to take down.

What should I prepare?

Keep it simple. Grab a brick of cheese, a box of crackers, and a bottle of wine. That's it, that's all.

What do I get?
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