4th - Reading and Writing Planning

Sept. 8-11 and Sept. 14-18, 2015

Reading TEKS - Poetry 4.4A (week 4) TEKS 4.11A and D (week 5)

Students understand and make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry.

Explain how the structural elements of poetry relate to form.

Understand expository texts and provide evidence from text to support understanding. Summarize main ideas and use text features.

Writing TEKS-4.15 A-E, 4.17dA, 4.20dA, 4.20dB, 4.21 (weeks 4-5)

Writing Process 4.15 A-E, Personal Narrative 4.17 A Write about personal experience that conveys thoughts and feelings about an experience, 4.20 A parts of speech, 4.20 B Sentences, 4.21 C punctuation
Complete Sentences "Subjects and Predicates" "Subject and Predicate" by Melissa

Social Studies- TEKS 4.18 AB (week 4) TEKS 4.6 AB, 4.8 B, 4.7 A (week 5)

Science articles below
Social Studies articles below

Achieve 3000 Lesson Documentation

TLW: Model the 5 Steps of Achieve3000

Before Reading Poll/Article: (Title)

Social Studies TEKS:______

Reading TEKS: ______

Explain to students that before every lesson, there will be a Before Reading Poll they must complete. Students will have to read a question, choose an answer, and explain (in writing) why they feel that way.

Then model how to read the article.

Explain to students that their articles will be based on their lexile level, so it may look different than their friend’s article.

Model the strategy of highlighting important keywords and information