By: Leah, Audrey, Ryan, and Gavin

Indian Expidition at Sky Ranch

I'm here with Smiling Bear. Smiling Bear is going to tell us about her stay at Sky Ranch. My favorite thing at Sky Ranch was the Indian Expedition! Smiling Bear said. Smiling Bear said that they meet La Salle .I loved La Sallel! he was so funny.Smiling Bear reported.WE did all the stuff to earn a name. I got Smiling Bear for my name . My real name is Emily.We got our face painted and every thing.Smiling Bear reported that they learned how to make popcorn and corn flour.We learned that La Salle invinted popcorn called it La Salle corn. Smiling Bear said that they learned about different weapons that symbolized different tribes.I really had a good time at Sky Ranch! You should go too. Now lets go to Ryan with information about newcomb .



I am here at Sky Ranch, and I see a lot of people playing newcomb. Josh says when rec. time comes he knows what hes doing and that is newcomb. Other kids such as Leah say newcomb always brings a smile across their faces, so as you can tell a lot of people like newcomb. This game is so popular, sometimes the court is over flowing.This game is not just for kids, some parents also play, and they almost have as much fun as the kids.Mr Kenny the principal of O.C.Taylor says this is his favorite game to watch.Carson says that newcomb means a lot to him, because he is very competitive.As you can tell thesekods are very tired after playing newcomb, so they have to go back to their cabins. Now on to Leah who is actually at the cabins right now.
Hi, my name is Leah. I am here at Sky Ranch reporting about how nice the cabins are.
Right when you walk in you are going to fell right at home. There is three bedrooms so there is probably going to be enough beds for everybody.The bunk beds are neatly lined up. The beds are also ready to sleep in so you don't have to do anything. The bathrooms are clean to when you get there. In the bath rooms there is four showers so people can take showers quickly. Trust me, you are going to love the cabins. Now lets go to Gavin to learn about the zip lines.

sky ranch zipline!!!

my name is boberthereporter and im reporting here at sky ranch,Texas with joey who is going to tell his story of the sky ranch zip line.joey had heard about the sky ranch zip line
from his friends who all said:"you haven't lived if you haven't rode the sky ranch zip line
you haven't lived!so joey rode the zip line. joey was dissaponted that he had to leave sky
ranch,Texas.And he reconmendes it to everybody that hasent rode it.Now joey jr.has somthing to say:it is scary but it is AWSOME he says
thats it and this was Sky reporters with you