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January 1, 2016

A Message from our Principal...

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” (Abraham Lincoln)

To open January’s newsletter referencing a “resolution,” perhaps a new year’s resolution seems appropriate, and possibly overdone. However, as I pause and think about the word resolution, I think of a similar word, resolve. This word means to decide firmly on a course of action. Isn’t this what each of our days is met with, a firm decision to act. This is necessary when working with children on their learning and is accomplished by active participation on their part as well as ours as the adults. We must make each day meaningful for them and with them. I will set aside a new year’s resolution to work with resolve; how about you? Remember, what you do and what you say matters every single day at WAVA! My Best…

Have a fantastic new year!!

Bryant Mettler

The Counselor Connect

Social Media and Cyberbullying

Online interactions through social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are an important part of the social experience for many students at WAVA. The desire to connect with peers is a normal and healthy part of adolescence, and appropriate use of social media can have numerous positive effects such as increased communication with peers, improved access to information, and the development of a sense of self. However, there is also potential for some very serious issues to arise when students are left unsupervised on social media.

Here is a link to an article with some very helpful suggestions to help parents raise internet-savvy children:

13 Tips for Monitoring Kids’ Social Media

The article is formatted as a slideshow, so click the “next” button on each slide to go through all the different tips.

As always, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss specific concerns or for additional resources.

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Hands On Children's Museum

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 1-3pm

414 Jefferson Street Northeast

Olympia, WA

This outing lines up with many Science Content Standards for K-5. Students will explore the different Domains of Science through systems, inquiry and application.

$7 per student
Please RSVP Mrs. Amy McMahon at
For more information please click here.

Cowlitz County Historical Museum Wednesday Workshop titled 'Southwest Tribes'

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 3:30-5pm

405 Allen Street

Kelso, WA

History/Social Studies Students:
Students will learn about one specific Native American tribe from the Southwest while focusing on specific survival skills using natural resources, family tradition and working together.

Space limited to 20 students and must be accompanied by adult. Pre-registration is required. Call Museum's front desk at 360.577.3119 to reserve your spot. Also, let Mrs. McMahon know that you are planning on attending.

Cost: donation

Roller Skating at Skagit Skate

Friday, Jan. 29th, 10am-12pm

390 Cedar Street

Burlington, WA

This outing supports the student need for social interaction and physical activity in our virtual setting. $6.00 per skater. Please k-mail April Sorensen for more information.

SAVE THE DATE! Great Wolf Lodge or Triple Play

Monday, Feb. 29th, 10am

20500 Old Highway 99 Southwest

Centralia, WA

We are planning our big end of semester celebration.
The annual Great Wolf Lodge event will be held in February this year!
We've also added an Eastern Washington event at Triple Play Family Fun Park in Idaho!
More details to come!

Coffee Chats!

Coffee Chats!

This is a chance for WAVA Learning Coaches to connect with other WAVA Learning Coaches to talk about a specific topic for 30 minutes every week. Check your schedule on your Learning Coach account. If you don't see it on your schedule, click on the links below.

Every Thursday!


January 7th at 1pm: Success Stories

Click here to join.

January 14th at 1pm: Concerns and Priorities with the school

Click here to join.

January 21st at 1pm: Creating an Interest to Learn

Click here to join.

January 28th at 1pm: Consistency

Click here to join.

Meet Albert

This is Albert.

Albert’s goal is to visit all 50 states and he’s off with a bang! Mrs. Sol’s class is following his adventure this year and your class is invited too! Since September 9, Albert has traveled to Washington, Oregon, Southern California, Missouri, New Jersey… and now he’s enjoying life in Hawaii.

Albert is documenting his journey on Instagram. He is posting photos and interesting facts about each state. You can join in on the fun here:

If you know of a family or classroom that would like to have a small visitor in the next few months, they can sign up here: Albert is a polite house guest, he’ll eat just about anything, and he’s always up for an adventure!

Join us as we watch Albert’s amazing race across America!


Mrs. Sol’s Class

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Brand new to WAVA?

If you're just starting this month, welcome! Be sure to check your k-mail for a welcome letter from your Family Academic Support Liaison, F.A.S.L. Your F.A.S.L. is there to help you get everything started.

Getting started:
You will receive an email from WAVA detailing the onboarding process. There will be multiple live sessions offered each day, every week, to help guide you through setting everything up.

Week of Welcome, WOW!
Your student's first week will be very busy! It is important to be sure to follow the daily and weekly schedule that week as all sessions are required. Details will also come in an email from WAVA.

Required Class Connects

If you see the word REQUIRED next to the title of the Class Connect, it is a mandatory class that you must attend. If you know you are going to miss a class please contact your teacher to see how you can make up the missed work. Sometimes, you will need to watch a recording.

To view the recording of a missed Class Connect Session, click on the “Go to Class Connect” link, search the date of your missed session, click on the link of the session, watch recording. ALWAYS send your teacher a Kmail to explain why you missed attending the LIVE session (unless previously arranged).

Time Zone
Make sure your OLS is set to PST (Pacific Standard Time) so your Class Connect times are correct. Click on -> My Account -> Time Zone Settings.


Students and Learning Coaches do not need to track attendance. Your attendance is measured by your course progress and participation in required class connect sessions.
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Advanced Learning Circles

For gifted and advanced students:

January 14th

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

January 21st (Grades 2-8)

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

January 28th (Grades K-8)

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Tips from Cheryl

Teaching Tips for Struggling Readers

By Cheryl Holbrook

Crossing the Midline

Sometimes kids with reading struggles suffer from a lack of neural connections between both hemispheres of the brain. When they read or draw as they move their eyes across the page they run into this invisible brick wall that is the divide between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Sometimes, as infants, not enough connections are formed between the two sides. This affects their ability to process words and read fluently.

Here are some tips and exercises to help kids make those neural connections and be able to learn the reading process.

Signing helps make the connections with letters

Multisensory learning is very important for struggling readers. Sign language is a helpful tool to make the connection between the right and left side of the brain.

Sign Language Alphabet cards

Text + Audio = Success

Using a text to speech software or printed book in conjunction with an audio book that they can follow along with will often take the pressure off of the struggling reader so that they can read and begin to recognize common words as they read along.

Free online text to speech download

Fonts Matter

Research has shown that certain fonts are easier for struggling readers to decipher. The one used in this document (Comic Sans MS) is one of the easiest for people with reading issues to read.

Color Coding

Often kids with reading struggles have a hard time seeing patterns in words. By color coding different phonics sounds they can begin to see those connections. Teach words by word families with like sounds so that students can begin to see words as a collection of parts and how some words have like parts.

K12 Mobile Apps

Did you know that K12 offers FREE mobile educational learning apps? Follow this link to check them out:

We need parent volunteers!

We will have opportunities throughout the school year for parents and learning coaches to volunteer by hosting social gatherings. If you would like more information on how you can help, fill out this survey: