The Ririe Report

October 2, 2020


Homework will continue to be spelling words. You may have noticed that I'm focusing on prefixes, suffixes and roots. My goal is to demystify our English language and help students become better spellers, writers, and readers by seeing the "small" words inside the big words. I saw an overall improvement in this week's spelling quiz (passing), while a few students are getting a valuable lesson on cause and effect: You don't study, you don't do well on quiz.

Our spelling quiz is every Thursday, the words are available online in Google Classroom at least one week in advance. Students also get a paper copy of the new words on Thursdays.

Read, Read, Read

We have had some amazing discussions while reading The One and Only Ivan. During our discussion last Friday, Austin made a comment that took my breath away; Jorden was able to quote a line from the book, word for word, to illustrate his point. Those moments make my heart soar! I want my students to experience the power of words and what it feels like to be emotionally involved with a story.

Please make sure your child is reading at home; let them read to you, a sibling, a relative, the dog. They are working on improving their fluency and a great way to do that is to read, and re-read. I've suggested they record themselves reading and play it back so they can listen.

Homeroom Parents, PLEASE join PTA!

The PTA is a great organization that does a lot for our students. I've promised my homeroom kids a "special day" if we get 100% participation. Please join!!!

During the break...

I asked the kids to finish reading Ivan, and also to finish the Flocabulary assignment (the link is on Google Classroom). IT IS NOT MANDATORY for them to do this over the break, only if it fits with your family plans.

Get to Know Me

I realized that I've had several students join our class since school started, so here's a link to my Meet The Teacher info I posted at the beginning of the year.