Quizlet- Diagrams & Live

Engaging game for your classroom

What is Quizlet, Quizlet Diagrams & Quizlet Live?

Quizlet allows teachers to create individual classes, add members through email addresses or links, then add ready made or self-made quizzes.
It offers a built-in search engine to locate content so it can be added to study sets, along with images and voice overs. When learners log in, they see the sets their teacher has added on the side bar, categorized by class name.

Features: flash cards, speller, test, scatter (drag and drop game), races and diagrams

Teachers receive diagnostics in chart form and have options to set time limits. Quizlets reveal who has studied, times studied and scores. It also filters correct/incorrect responses to assist in assessment. Unfortunately, this tool tests terms and definitions only and would have to be supplemented with other forms of assessment.

There is a corresponding app called Quizlet Live! that allows students to participate together from anywhere with a generated code fostering community and inclusion.

Introducing Quizlet Diagrams
Quizlet Live - overview

How Can Teachers Use it?

Quizlet & the SAMR model

Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s SAMR model offers a lens for examining how technology is adopted in a classroom. As you strive to incorporate online tools into your classroom, we encourage you to use this model as an analytic tool.

Here is an example of how Quizlet might fit within the SAMR model:

  • Substitution: Students create flashcards through Quizlet instead of on index cards.
  • Augmentation: Students link an image or GIF to each flashcard as a memory hook. Ex. “Occipital Lobe Flashcard”
  • Modification: Students can add multimedia to all stages of their project, set deadlines for themselves and others, and track all group members progress in real-time and remotely. Teachers can also track progress and set deadlines to help avoid procrastination.
  • Redefinition: Both students and teachers can see the activity in each card to follow who in the group contributed in what ways and at what times. Students can critically analyze this log of activity at the end to determine what could have improved their process or made their process more efficient.


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using Quizlet with your students: