William PENNsylvania

Bridgett Burns


Pennsylvania was named after William Penn because King Charles II of England owed him 16,000 euros. Penn's father had originally lent this money to the king. To repay the debt, Penn asked for grant of territory to seek a safe place for him and his Quaker friends.
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Pennsylvania was created because the Quakers wanted to seek religious freedom and break free from the oppression that followed them. In 1682, William Penn was granted the territory of Pennsylvania. Even though the King had granted the land, Penn also brought the land from the Native Americans to help ward off conflict. I was one of the original Quakers to move here. I was from England. My family started out as traders, but quickly changed to agriculture because of the rich soil that the land offered. I lived in Delaware. We exported more goods than any other colony in the Americas. Some of the most popular were timbers. coal, and wheat. From the start, we prospered because of some of the laws put into effect by Penn. We were granted conscience by the General Assembly's initial passing of the First Frame of Government. By 1684, when William Penn returned to England, our counties were prosperous and happy.


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