my superhero

Belongil beach

Belongil Beach is a coastal erosion hotspot with 21 houses at risk from coastal erosion during severe storms. My superhero has taken on this issue because of the safety we want for the resident at Belongil beach. Works such as breakwaters, gronynes, or seawall, are usually built to guard against erosion. In doing so they harden the coast and reduce its ability to adjust naturally. The best way to solve the problem at Belongil beach, my superhero and I will build rock wall to protect the houses.


The coastal issues my superhero is solving is pollution and coastal erosion. The people who will impact from this would be the resident, animals, and people visiting the beach. One of the solutions to the issue of coastal pollution is to announce to everyone to try and keep our water clean by placing extra bins along the beach and put up signs identifying where the rubbish should go. The oil used for engines in all machines needs to be changed regularly, especially for boats, because it is in the ocean and it can affect the animals.


Coastal erosion refers to the removal of coastal land by wind, ocean currents and waves. Land affected by coastal erosion includes beaches and dunes. Sandy, softer land erodes faster than rocky, hard land. There are several methods used to prevent or slow down the rate of coastal erosion. It is possible to reshape dunes and replace lost sand on beaches. Intact sand dunes are some of the most effective methods of erosion management on open coasts. Planting native plants in the sand can also build up sand dunes, preventing them from blowing away with the wind.

Also, Adding artificial reefs can reduce the wave energy that will hit the headlands, slowing coastal erosion. Walls can be constructed to hold headlands in place. Rock walls using local rock will ensure that the structure does not stand out. Moving storm water drainage from a beach to a rocky area will also reduce the amount of erosion that occurs.
The effective way of preventing coastal erosion is building a wall of rock. Another method is placing a series of groynes across the beach to stop long shore drift.

lets all help:)

I think we should all try and help protect our oceans. It will be beneficial for the fish in the ocean and also us humans who goes to the beach. Keeping our waters clean will be healthier for us. So please lets us all help and do something to protect our coast.