Queen says he never knew what woman truly desired.

The Knight was summoned by the queen to go on a year long journey to discover what women truly desire. He found out what woman wanted from this old woman he met. He says woman want to be in control of men, The queen agrees and spares his life but then the old woman asks to marry the knight. He didnt want to marry her, he thought she was ugly, old and gross. He tried to give up his material things in return him not having to marry the "old hag" but it didn't work they got married. So eventually The Queen had enough of the knight and his "ungrateful ways" and had him killed. She said he had it coming and she regrets nothing, she also says if he really knew what woman desired he would be grateful i didn't kill him after he raped that girl, he would have been treating the old woman with a little respect.

Shana Dagny

Cell Block Tango by Shana Dagny

Old Woman is Devistated by Queens actions!

The Old Woman knew she was not loved by the knight but she enjoyed being married she says. She addressed The Wife and she said she would grant the woman with another husband that was supposedly more loyal.

The New Husband- Ralf Swordmaker

He likes to drink beer with his fellow men and fight for his honor. The new husbands name is Ralf Swordmaker He is 33 and his health is better than most. He was given his last name because he makes the best swords in the land. He knows the queen so well because he's worked for her for many years, he also helped kill the knight.

Wedding reception.

Wednesday, July 11th 570 at 9pm

England, United Kingdom


Were celebrating the new marriage of The old woman and Ralf Swordmaker. Wine and beer will be served and so will other foods. Have fun and bring a date but remember let the woman do what they want.