NBA Equations & Inequalities

By: Mohammed

Problem 1

Kobe scored 19 points in game 1.He wants to score at least 81 points in his next game.How many does he need to score to reach his goal?


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Problem 2

Lebron did 35 dunks in the his last game with the heat.When he left for Cleveland,he tried to do at least 46 dunks in his first game.How many more dunks does he need to get to his goal?


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Problem 3

Kevin Durant has scored at least 30 points in
every game this season, and has a season high score of at most
180 points in one game. How many field goals could he have made in any one game?


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Problem 4

Paul George made at least 17 dunks every game of his career.He has an average of making most 153 dunks in 1 game.How many dunks could he had made in any single game?


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