Goucher College

Baltimore, Maryland

General Information

Originally named the Woman's College of Baltimore, Goucher was founded 1885 by the Rev. John Franklin Goucher, after whom the college was renamed in 1910. Established in downtown Baltimore, Goucher (private college) relocated its campus in 1954 to a 287-acre wooded campus in Towson, MD, just eight miles north of the heart of the city. The college has been coeducational since 1986.
This is Goucher


-Student population 2,120

-32.8 % Males and 67.2% Females

Tuition Cost/ Scholarships

= $40,558

DO NOT be scared of the cost because 93% of the students receive financial aid!

-Goucher awards more than $44 million annually in financial aid (through grants, scholarships, loans, and federal work-study), and our average debt is almost 12 percent below the national average.

-There is a merit scholarship which is based on academic performance, with awards going to high-achieving students.

-first-year students who have excelled in and beyond their school community receive scholarships.

-Non-academic engagement and experiences, such as special talents and extracurricular achievement. Awarded to outstanding student leaders, this is a renewable scholarship.(these are for current students)

*In state and out of state tuition is the same because it is a private school.
Why did you choose Goucher? (Long Version)

Admission Requirements

How do you apply?

Common Application

  • $55 application fee or waiver
  • the essay portion of the application
  • official high school transcript (grade 9 and up), listing courses in progress
  • secondary school


    with a letter of recommendation from your college counselor or adviser
  • recommendation letter from an academic teacher (English, math, science, foreign language or social studies)
  • Early Decision Agreement Form (for early decision applicants only)

Goucher Video App

  • $55 application fee or waiver
  • a video no longer than two minutes
  • a brief application form
  • a signed statement of academic integrity
  • one graded writing assignment
  • one stellar scholastic work

GPA requirements: 3.24

Average ACT and SAT scores: don't need it

Application deadlines(semester):

  • Application and supporting materials due November 15
  • Notification


    December 15
  • Candidate deposit due January 15

Other requirements: You need to say your talents and about yourself

Room and Board

Sondheim Residence Hall ($6,532)

-Sondheim House is the cleanest and most comfortable, but students have to pledge not to smoke or drink within the house.
-This is our wellness and substance-free building. It offers a holistic community for students interested in healthy lifestyles and the support of a community that chooses to abstain from durgs and alcohol. The house offers suite-style living spaces which also include large open-spaced common rooms. In order to live in Sondheim students must submit an application yearly to be consdiered for a spot in Sondheim Residence Hall.

Enough of the boring part...

Student activities/ Sports/ Geek life on campus

-There is a Chapel and a Jewish center. In addition to a comprehensive undergraduate liberal arts education and excellent graduate programs, Goucher also offers more than 60 student-run clubs, well-established opportunities for community service and leadership, and a wide-ranging internship program. Students also compete in 17 NCAA Division III sports (basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, track and field, cross-country, swimming, field hockey, and lacrosse), national equestrian events, and intramural sports. And NO Greek life!

-Health care related majors

The Premedical/Pre-Health program at Goucher provides the comprehensive coursework and scientific background necessary for professional and graduate school in the health professions,


Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Optometry, Physician Assistant Programs, Pharmacy Doctorate and Doctorate in Physical Therapy programs. We also stress the intellectual discipline and problem-solving skills necessary for careers that require life-long learning.

David Spivey
"The premedical advising that Goucher offers is excellent; every step of the way, from deciding what classes to take as a freshman to scheduling interviews at medical schools, I knew what to expect and what I needed to do to succeed."

What courses are required in the degree plan and what will you learn?

• two semesters of biology with laboratory (up to four semesters at some schools)

• two semesters of inorganic chemistry with laboratory

• two semesters of organic chemistry with laboratory

• two semesters of math, at least one in calculus

• two semesters of physics with laboratory

• two semesters of English and/or writing

This will also help me get register for medical school as well.

Personal Reflection

Top 5 reasons for wanting to attentend this school

- The class sizes, which are on avervage of 17 students

- No Greek life

- Easy application

-They help a lot financially

-Free cable, Internet, and laundry


- Not that much diversty. There is no diversity on this campus. Just because there might be 15 Asians and 30 Black people at a small college campus does not make you diverse. Also, people have to understand that newspaper journalists have reported horrible racist and discriminatory incidents against people of color on this campus.

- TOO EXPENSIVE. Tuition is a steep $37,640, one of the most expensive rates in the country.

Am I more or less interested?

I would say I was very excited because of all of the good things I saw on their website, and I was hooked. However, when I started seeing the prices and the student comments, I became less hooked.

Goucher College

Goucher College is a private, co-educational, liberal arts college in the northern Baltimore suburb of Towson in unincorporated Baltimore County, Maryland, on a 287-acre campus.