Sinclair-Peters In Thailand

"Only Ask And I Will Give You The Nations"

"Everyone Who Calls On The Name Of The Lord Will Be Saved!" Rom.8:13

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"How Then Will They Call On Him In Whom They Have Not Believed?" Rom.8:14a

For the first three days that Joe stayed at the Lighthouse he couldn't stop throwing up. He couldn't eat and he couldn't stop shaking. Joe was going through withdrawal from alcohol poisoning. One day, after becoming friends with Pastor Moe Aung, he confessed that his body was breaking down. He really wanted to stop drinking but he couldn't do it on his own. He asked Pastor Moe Aung, "can your God help me?" For three days, many of our believers took turns taking care of Joe and praying for him. On the day of his baptism, one month later, Joe declared, "I am free! Thank you Jesus for saving me from death, saving me from all my sin!"

"And How Are They To Believe In Whom They Have Never Heard?" Rom.8:14b

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One day, Saw Ou, a Burmese fisherman working off the shores of Bang Sai, was walking past Tin Myo Ou's room and heard loud singing and laughter. He stopped for a while and listened. Saw Ou really enjoyed what heard. He had always wanted to know more about the Christian "God". Suddenly Saw Ou disappeared and everyone felt a little relieved. His intense stare made the Bang Sai believers wonder if he was going to cause trouble and yell at them for making too much noise. But ten minutes later, Saw Ou was back. This time he was carrying soft drinks and ice. He approached everyone and said, "Hey, can I join you? I bought you some drinks!" With a great sigh of relief, everyone shouted, "Yes! please come in and sit down!" As a devout Buddhist, Saw Ou asked many questions about Jesus Christ. Everything he heard about the Lord, impressed him. Never had he heard about a God who loves, forgives his enemies and takes away all our sin. Last month, Saw Ou was admitted to the hospital for intense stomach pain. As he was all alone, he remembered the stories he had read about Jesus healing sick people. At that moment he cried out to God and asked him to comfort him and heal him. Almost immediately Saw Ou started to feel better. That day all his pain disappeared and he was dismissed early from the hospital. Saw Ou told us, "Now I know that the Lord is with me!" Please pray for Saw Ou. He is the only believer in his family. Pray that he will have courage to tell his family about the saving love of Jesus Christ.

"And How Are They To Hear Without Someone Preaching?" Rom.8:14c

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Danai and Soe Doo have just completed their first year in our leadership training program. Amazingly, God has been exponentially growing their leadership skills in a very unusual setting. For the last 6 months Danai and Soe Doo have been hidden on top of a mountain in Myanmar, sharing the Good News with their family and relatives. Two months ago, they came back to renew their visa in Thailand so that they could go to Discipleship school. Since they have returned to us, they have gone out everyday, preaching the Gospel in the factories and construction sites. Their boldness has lit a fire and passion for evangelism in our new believers. Now Danai and Soe Doo are taking these new Christ followers with them and challenging them, "Do this after we are gone!" I should be worried about the leadership vacuum that we have created by sending 5 interns to Discipleship school this month...but I'm not now! I can already see the next army of believers standing up to take their place while our interns are away. Hallelujah!

"And How Are They To Preach Unless They Are Sent?" Rom.8:15

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Next week we will send Naing Lin (far-left) back to an un-reached village in Myanmar close to Isaiah's home town. In this village, we have purchased 5 acres of land that we are using as a centre for teaching new farming techniques, evangelism and discipleship. Apart from this land, Naing Lin has been strictly forbidden by the local monks to preach the Gospel. But Naing Lin is not discouraged! This past week he had the joy of baptizing both his mother and sister. 5 years ago, the whole family were devout Buddhists who had never heard the name of Jesus before. When Naing Lin and Nathaniel, his brother, first came to practice guitar at church, they were drunk every Sunday!

Nainglin said, "If I focus on the shame and sins of my past, I would never have the confidence to share the Gospel with my family. But, all praise be to God, who forgives all my sin and makes us a new creation in Christ! My life, my actions, my speech have all changed by the grace of God. That was the loudest and clearest witness to my family. After my mom and sister heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, they couldn't deny that his power is real!"

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Please Pray With Us....

"Father God, today we are knocking on Heaven's door for you to expand your kingdom in our Burmese churches in Bo Thong, Chachoengsao, Bang Sai and Chonburi! Thank you for the revival that we are experiencing right now in our churches! We ask God for an open a door for both Nainglin and Myo Chit as they face opposition and share the Gospel in their villages in Burma. We ask that many people would be born again and become true followers of the Jesus Christ!

Lord God, we ask for more unexplainable coincidences, miracles of healing and divine appointments for all our believers so that they may be able to share about the Saving power of Jesus Christ with everyone they meet. Lord of the Harvest, in these last days, we ask that you would raise up even more leaders who are full of the Holy Spirit, more evangelists, more apostles, prophets and teachers to lead your church. Thank you for Jesus Christ and His Lordship over our churches! We declare, He is Head of the Church; The only one who gives us Eternal Life, lasting happiness- joy, love, forgiveness and faith. Amen.