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April 2021

Frontier is in Good Standing!

In the absence of Missouri Assessment data, University of Missouri Charter Schools Sponsorship (CSS) has reviewed all other relevant evidence pertaining to Frontier Schools (Frontier) during the 2020 school year and has determined that Frontier is in Good Standing.

This determination is based on Frontier’s compliance with its Performance Contract with Mizzou and our Programmatic Review for the year. Frontier’s charter was renewed in 2019 to extend through 2024, making 2020 the first year of the charter and performance contract. During the year, the board implemented changes suggested by the sponsor to strengthen its practices for the future. The board also recruited new members to better ensure sustainability. The school continued sound operations and instructional programs.

Frontier Schools has well-developed and clear instructional models and expectations in place. Beyond the ongoing impact of such practices, Frontier allowed for a quick and well-planned transition to remote learning at the onset of the pandemic. The school was also able to effectively meet family needs through meals and technology. In the absence of MAP scores, at this time, Frontier has met all the other conditions of the performance contract including governance, operational, academic, and financial requirements.

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With three vaccines now being distributed and more vaccine options anticipated to be available in the coming months, there is increased hope on the horizon for a safer school environment. Because of these vaccine developments, the extra time our bus company needs to recruit and train new drivers, and several other considerations, Frontier’s Reopening Committee has made the decision to start in-person learning for all grade levels at all four campuses beginning on April 5th, 2021. Students will attend in-person classes Monday through Friday.

Frontier Schools will also continue to provide virtual instruction to students whose parents chose this option. Students who continue to learn virtually will attend classes Monday through Friday.

We would like to remind everyone in our school community that we will continue to monitor the conditions and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Jackson County Health Department. We have implemented a variety of improved safety protocols designed to keep our Frontier family and our classrooms both organized and academically-focused.

Click here to visit our COVID-19 News & Updates page for further information.

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Virtual Parent Academy

On Thursday, March 25th, Frontier Schools hosted a Virtual Parent Academy Session for all parents and guardians. The session was titled Home Stretch: Finish the School Year Strong! Michelle Leflore, Session Instructor and Assistant Principal at Frontier STEM High School, shared ways parents can motivate and help their students finish the school year successfully. The session also included strategies to set goals, fun family activities and other creative ideas to help parents help their student complete the school year strong.

Thank you to all of our parents who attended! We hope you found value in this session!

Frontier Schools Partners with Score 1 for Health!

Kansas City University’s Score 1 for Health is a preventive health program that provides free, in-school health screenings for elementary-aged children. Due to the pandemic, Score 1 for Health took a different approach this school year by creating take-home packets for every elementary student instead. The take-home packets included toothpaste and a toothbrush, a high-quality child’s face covering and a fun art contest entry.

Thank you Score 1 for Health for all of your support and generosity!

All Teachers Returned to School on March 22!

With all teachers back to school on March 22nd and all grade levels returning to in-person learning on April 5th, we asked our principals, "What's the vibe?" Here's what they told us!
"Teachers are excited to be back in school to provide a safe, structured learning environment for students in an effort to finish the school year out strong."

– Ms. Lamb, Principal, FSI Middle
"April 5th marks an exciting time for our staff and students. Our staff is looking forward to our school ringing with sounds of children playing, learning, and growing in their academics and social, emotional learning."

– Mr. Barber, Principal, FSI Elementary

"As we are planning to reopen the school on April 5th, we are trying to bring as much clarity as possible to the structure of education at FSE for the rest of the year. Our two most important priorities are safety and learning. Our staff is excited to have the students back. My hope is to return to pre-pandemic school life as more and more people are getting vaccinated. I believe bringing students back on April 5th is an important phase for us in transitioning to pre-pandemic life. FSE staff is ready to do their best for the student learning for the rest of this school year and summer school."

– Mr. Isgandarli, Principal, FSE

"At Frontier STEM High School, we are ready to see all of our school members in the school. We are excited to see students again as if it is the first day of school.

Students: We can’t wait to see all your smiling faces again! Let’s continue to be ambitious about learning new things and enjoy your new knowledge. Please know that your teachers are full of passion for helping you to reach your goals."

– Mr. Geyik, Principal, STEM High School

Welcome back to school Frontier teachers!

What Makes Frontier Unique?

Megan Jacobs, FSI Elementary

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I choose to work at Frontier Schools because teaching is a meaningful career and I wanted to find a school where I could make a difference."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"I have worked at Frontier Schools for 12 years."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"I continue to work at Frontier Schools because the students fill my heart with joy. No two days are the same. I get to learn as well as teach. My coworkers are amazing. We are working to make the world a better place by shaping the next generation. We teach because we believe what we do matters."

Cameron May, Frontier School of Excellence

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I chose to work at Frontier for several reasons. First, FSE is in a part of town I'm very familiar with and have spent a lot of time in, so it was comforting. I also really wanted to work at an urban high school. I was lucky enough to attend one when I was in high school and wanted to share that experience with my students. I appreciated during my interview that, unlike all the previous ones, I wasn't immediately asked what sport I coached. (It's pretty common for social studies teachers.) Finally, I really liked the size of the school and classes. I knew that would allow me the opportunity to really get to know students on a one-to-one basis."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

" This is my 9th year at FSE. =)"

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

" I continue to work for Frontier, first and foremost, for my kids. I love that I can get to know them so well and provide them with a safe space to learn. I love that a lot of my kids have been with the school since 6th or 7th grade and I've been able to see them grow up into amazing young adults. I love the bond I have with my co-workers. I still want, and am happy to, come to work each day so that tells me I made the right choice."

Spencer Burke, Frontier School of Innovation Middle

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I worked in an urban school setting before I joined Frontier, and enjoyed that experience. I was hopeful that Frontier would provide a similar adventure."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"I have worked at Frontier Schools for 6 years."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"The main reason I continue to work at Frontier is because of the relationships I have built with the students and their families."

Ahmet Taslama, Frontier STEM High School

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I started teaching Physical Science at the FSE during the 2016-17 years. I chose Frontier Schools because of their primary goal student achievement. The school administrators and teachers always try their best to increase students' success by delivering a high-quality education."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"This is my 5th year with Frontier Schools. I worked 1 year at FSE and 4 years at STEM."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"I continue working at Frontier Schools because of their very friendly school environment, supportive school administrators, and dedicated teachers. We have small class sizes and there is personal attention for all students. Frontier Schools provides a safe learning environment and extra support for those who need it."

Lewis "Joey" Smith, Frontier School of Excellence

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"Working with youth has been my mission calling in my life since 1985. Boy's & Girl's Club of Greater Kansas City ( 1985-2001 ) Genesis School ( 2001- 2010 ) FSI 2010-Contract worker. FSE 2011-Present. I'm retiring on May 31st, 2021"

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"I've worked at Frontier for 11 years."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"I believe the FSE mission helps students to attain their education goals."

Ummuhan Geyik, Frontier STEM High School

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I chose FSHS because it is a STEM school, and I knew that I could contribute more as my major is in Science Education."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"It has been 4 years."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"I enjoy being an employee at Frontier Schools. The school community keeps me growing as an educator and a life-long learner. Frontier is a melting pot where anyone can feel valued and recognized."

Jason Curteman, FSI Elementary

Why did you choose to work at Frontier?

"I heard from a friend that Frontier was looking for an Elementary art teacher. I interviewed, and I was impressed with the interviewers and the school facility. I soon noticed that I knew a few of the families from teaching in the northeast previously. I love the parent support that Frontier students have. Great families."

How long have you worked at Frontier?

"I have been at Frontier for a little more than five years."

Why do you continue to work at Frontier?

"I believe things keep getting better at Frontier for students and staff as we learn and grow together."

Virtual Home Visits

Teachers and school staff have virtually visited 856 students in 823 homes since the start of the 2020-21 school year.

Home visits, whether virtual or in-person, are paramount in bridging cultural gaps that might exist. These visits also provide opportunities for staff to understand their students better by visiting them in their home environments.

A SHOUT-OUT to our teachers & staff! Thank you for everything you do!

Please complete our 2020-21 Home Visit Survey .

FSE Alumni Success Story!

Funding Equity: Help us Fix the Glitch!

Funding Equity: Help us Fix the Glitch!
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FSHS State-of-the-Art Innovation Lab

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Frontier Schools’ is planning to build a modern, state-of-the-art Innovation Lab attached to the Frontier STEM High School.

This project-based approach is an essential part of immersive STEM education; it makes the experience real for the students. They will be able to conceive a project, be it a product or prototype, and follow the production process from conception to physical reality. Students will understand the technology that powers their creations; both the hardware and the software. The goal is to build a strong, authentic knowledge-based theory to applied skills in STEM education, ensuring Frontier’s high school graduates will be prepared to enter collegiate level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs with the skills to succeed on day one.

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