Visiting Russia

Cuisine Religion Festivals and history

Food in Russia

Russian Cuisine Stretches back 15 centuries.A Christen Church specifies a special Lenten diet.192 to 216 days is a time when you're only allowed to eat vegetables mushroom and fish I highly suggest kasha is roasted meat on a stick.

Religion In Russia

Russian Religions Include Christianity Judaism Islam and Buddhism. Christianity came from 10th century Byzantium only a small percentage attend the synagogue Islam has the 2nd largest number of adherents Buddhism is the Third major world religion to have followers in Russia

Russian History

The Slavs:The first Record of slavs has been found in works of 5Th and 6Th century byzantine according to records Slavs were handsome tall and strong people with Fair hair and were brave fighting men with great stamina their main job was farming

Womens Day

Saturday, March 8th 2014 at 12am


it is much like mothers day but its for more then just mothers its for every woman in Russia

Travleing prices

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