Hernado De Soto

By:Henry and Sam

About De Soto

De Soto was born in Jerez De los Caballeros around1500. In 1514 De Soto wit the Spanish governor of Panama De Soto gained a reputation for bravery, intellect and brutality.In 1528 De Soto became regidor of Guatemala and sailed from there to the Yucacan Peninsula Mexico.He was hoping to find a passage.In the 1530's De Soto was a great solider and horseman.He received a fax from Francisco Pizarro.He needed help to defeat the Inca Indians.

More About De Soto

De Soto helped to find a passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. De Soto discovered the Mississippi De Soto is a member of the explorer hall of fame, in Geno,Italy.

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