What's Happening at Rimon?

Temple Sholom in Broomall - Sunday, September 28

The Blast of the Shofar!

The blast of the shofar by Rabbi Rigler reminded us all that we are in the middle of celebrating the High Holy Day season! On Rosh Hashanah we tasted the sweetness of the New Year with apples, honey and prayer. At the end of this week we will have the opportunity to reflect on our lives, do teshuvah while asking for forgiveness from those whom we may have hurt either knowingly or unknowingly. PLEASE MARK YOU CALENDARS THAT THERE WILL BE NO RIMON ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5!

Who Will Be Named the Most Influential Jews From Biblical Times Until the Present?

As our Bonim (K/1), Chaverim (2/3) and Olim (4/5) teams continue their discovery of important and influential Jews throughout history the suspense builds! Bonim are learning all about important Jew from the Bible and are focusing on Jonah, Esther and Noah. Chaverim have chosen nine different personalities from artists, scientists, and business people. Olim is exploring influential Jews from Philadelphia, Jews in the History of Israel, Jewish Musicians and Artists and Jewish "Movers and Shakers".

As the teams explore and research each of their personalities they are working on projects that will be presented at our Rimon Awards Ceremony on Sunday, October 26. Don't miss this red-carpet event!

Our Days are Full!

On "A" weeks we spend our time not only in Nisayon (experiences) where we focus on the unit topic but participating in tefillah (prayer) with Rabbi Rigler and Cantor Marx, library time, Kehillah (community time) and of course, snack.

Who and What are M.I.T.?

On any given Sunday morning you will see well over 20 teens in our learning spaces and around our building wearing red tie-dye shirts that read "Rimon M.I.T. Team". These are our teen Madrichim In Training. The word madrichim means "aides" or "assistants". But at Temple Sholom they are so much more. These amazing teens work at Rimon as song leaders, tutors, classroom staff and tech staff. Through their dedication, knowledge and compassion they serve as role models for our younger students, and all of Rimon is blessed by their presence.
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