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5ive for Friday

1. Failing: I recently read an a blog post and short book review done by the great Derek Sivers found here: https://sivers.org/switch . In the post he talks about switching strategies to accomplish goals. He said just like reaching any destination you have to make a few turns and adjust or reroute with traffic to make it where you are headed. The same is true in life. Sometimes what you are doing isn't working and you need to reroute or take a detour to make it where you want. He also outlined the 5 Main Reasons People Fail:

1. Time (Never enough...however what we give our time to is what we value!)

2. Effort (The old saying..."if it was easy everyone would do it!)

3. Distractions (Put down the phone)

4. Rewards (Not enough, we often want a trophy for everything)

5. Maintaining (See 1-4)

2. App: You have to try and have your kids try DuoLingo. I've been on it for a week and it is fun, motivating, and the quickest way to learn a language. Seriously, this is fun! Research shows that 34 hours on DuoLingo is the equivalent to a semester of college level language instruction. DuoLingo is also starting testing to get certified instead of taking a state board examine and they are doing case studies with Harvard, Yale, and Stanford to see how their exams compare to traditional exams for college acceptance and credit! https://en.duolingo.com/

3. Story: I spent the last 3 days in Richardson learning about the new teacher evaluation system. I know it sounds awesome right! The funny thing was, it really was great. Not only do I like the new evaluation system (don't get me wrong it isn't perfect and it is going to be an adjustment) I think it will make us all better educators. But the training isn't what made it great, the people and the time I had made it great.


I met (because they moved us around every single day which I dislike and complained about but ended up making some great contacts) so many amazing people.

The professor from UNT who grew up in Wisconsin and knows one of my old college friends.

The principal from Duncanville who had me near tears because he was hilarious.

The lady from Sherman who had recently lived through a family tragedy while battling an illness herself.

So many great people with unique perspectives and outlooks on life I learned so much!


While an hour and half in traffic is enough to drive anyone crazy it was great for me. Why? The greatness that is Podcasts. Catching up on Tim Ferriss, TED Radio Hour, and starting the very addicting Serial(FYI not for kiddos and I tried it after reading Mrs. Campos story in her answers to my questions earlier this month). I'm sorry, turn off the TV and put on the Podcast and gather around the iPhone like people used to gather around the radio. This mystery is gripping and true!

4. Thought of the day: "Life speeds on the bold and favors the brave!" -Ryan Holiday

5. What I'm Reading: Book 3 of another possible team leader book study: Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow. Incredible book (especially for a nerd like me) about how we think and why we think how we do. It really makes you...well think!

What does this have to do with Hosp?

Everything! Derek Sivers talks about not giving up and realizing that our path may include twists and turns and a detour.

DuoLingo was created to help EVERYONE learn a second or third language for free! Their founder (who is the guy behind those funny letters we have to type in when registering for anything) wanted a resource for free education for ALL and he is starting with learning a new language. Now his app has 100 million daily users. Oh by the way 80% are learning English. His app reminds us that we can make learning fun, quick, and easy!

Serial: while not on Netflix or HBO I would say this is by far the most interesting mystery series I have been taken in by in some time. Listen to episode one and I promise you'll be hooked. It also teaches us that for years tv and movies where the main outlet for entertainment but Podcasts have captured the untapped time of commuting. Turn off the pop music and put on the podcast. It also asks the question of how could we do something similar to capture our students interests? Could the students do a podcast?

Thinking Fast and Slow is teaching me to think about how I think and why I think the way I do. It also opens up the idea that our students way of thinking can be one major step in their learning!

Oh and when you see Loryn ask her if she got an auxiliary cord to start listening to what I told her to!

Enjoy the weather this weekend!